Scorn: Flower Puzzle Guide For Act 2

October 14, 2022
Check out this guide to see how you can complete the Flower Puzzle in Scorn in Act 2.

Scorn is a brand new puzzle horror game where you need to solve a bunch of puzzles to get through the game. Some of these puzzles are easy to complete, others are much harder. The Flower Puzzle guide for Act 2 is by far a hard puzzle for many players. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how to solve the Flower Puzzle Guide for act 2 in Scorn.

Flower Puzzle Guide For Act 2 – Scorn

So once you’ve reached the puzzle, you need to interact with the mechanism in front of you to begin your adventure.

Once you start the puzzle, make sure that all 4 white dots are aligned in this line.

Once the four white dots have been aligned like this, you need to follow the exact order of movements that will be given in the guide below. Let’s begin!

1. Go up 2 times.

2. Go left 2 times.

3. Go down 2 times.

4. Go right 1 time.

5. Go down 1 time.

6. Go right 1 time.

7. Go down 4 times.

8. Go left 1 time.

9. Go up 4 times.

10. Go left 1 time.

11. Go down 2 times.

12. Go left 1 time.

13. Go up 2 times.

14. Go left 1 time.

15. Go up 2 times.

And just like that. If you’ve managed to follow the given instructions given above in the text from top to bottom, you will have the puzzle completed and your next journey will await you.