Scorn: Act 3 All Light Puzzles Guide

October 17, 2022
Check out this guide to figure out all the lights puzzle in Act 3 for Scorn.

Scorn is a horror puzzle game where you go from level to level and figure out how to solve a puzzle. For some players, some puzzles are easy and some have been confirmed to be hard as hell. Complete each puzzle and you will be closer to get to the end game of the story and defeat the game itself.

This guide will show you how to solve the All Lights Puzzles in act 3 in Scorn.

Act 3 All Light Puzzles Guide – Scorn

Light Puzzle 1

The first thing that you need to do for this puzzle is to align the center to the top left circle.

Once that is done, select the top left circle and align it with the center one.

Your next step is to select the top right circle and rotate it until it lights up. Once the top right has lid up, select the middle circle and line it up with the top right one.

Next you want to rotate the top left circle until it lights up, and follow up by rotating the middle circle to the lower socket and you will have all 4 dials lid up.

Light Puzzle 2

For this puzzle, you need to select the top center dial and rotate it to the one above it to light them up.

Next, grab the center bottom dial and line it with the left one. Once that is done, rotate the left dial until it lights up.

Once all 4 top dials are lid up, simply rotate the bottom center dial towards the lower socket to light them all up and solve the puzzle.