Satisfactory: How to Use the Truck Station

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to learn how to use a Truck Station in Satisfactory!

When it comes to transporting items in the world of Satisfactory, there are plenty of options available for players in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to use the Truck Station in Satisfactory.

Satisfactory: How to Use the Truck Station

The Truck Station is a building that helps you automatically move the cargo to and from vehicles while refuelling them while they are stationary. For effective utilization, they are generally used with automated vehicle routes however you can also use them for basic things like refuelling your vehicles.

These Truck Stations have 2 inlets (Fuel and Material) and 1 inlet for Materials.

You need to enable the loading function in order to utilize the auto-loading feature that will automatically load the cargo into your trucks.

Similarly, you can also enable the auto unloading feature that will unload the cargo from your vehicle to the Truck Station.

The Autopilot feature in your vehicles can be useful for automating the process of transferring materials from one Truck Station to another if you don’t want to use conveyor belts.

In case your Truck Station has a fuel supply then your truck will also be refueled during the process.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the truck station to make your life easier!