Satisfactory: How to Drive a Tractor

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to learn how to drive a tractor in Satisfactory!

Satisfactory is an open-world game where players can use their creativity and limited resources to create the factory of their dreams on an alien planet. This guide will tell you how to drive a tractor in the game.

Satisfactory: How to Drive a Tractor

There are plenty of transportation modes available in Satisfactory if you are looking to explore the world or just wish to get some items from one location to another. The Tractor is one of those options that become available when you reach Tier 3 in the game.

Popularly known as the Sugar Cube, you can use this tiny vehicle with four wheels manually or use the automated mode to make things easier. The purpose of this vehicle is to transport small items early in the game with its storage space of 25 and can handle a little bit of rough terrain if you don’t mind its relatively slower speed.

Before you can drive a tractor, you will need to ensure that it has the required fuel inside its tank. You will need to interact with the workbench located at the back of the tractor and at the inventory screen, you will be able to check the fuel tank of the vehicle. In case, the fuel tank is empty then you refine crude oil in the Fuel Refinery to obtain some fuel.

After you manage to grab some fuel inside the tank, you will be to interact with the Tractor just like any other vehicle and drive it by pressing keys on your keyboard.

The default controls are W for acceleration, S for brake/reverse, A for turning left and D for turning right. You can also engage or disengage the handbrake by pressing the Spacebar key.

If you are too lazy to drive the tractor manually then you take advantage of the autopilot mode by pressing V to activate the autopilot mode.

You can exit or enter the vehicle at any point in time by pressing E

That’s it, now go ahead and enjoy driving your Tractor in the world of Satisfactory.