Salt And Sacrifice: Wooden Scythe Location

Published: 10 May 2022
Heard that you wanted to find the Wooden Scythe Item in Salt And Sacrifice!

The Wooden Scythe is an item in Salt And Sacrifice, while the item is not hard to find it is not the easiest to acquire since for the item you need to have the Grappling hook in your inventory in order to get to the location of the chest in which the Wooden Scythe is located.

With this guide, you will be able to locate both items.

Salt And Sacrifice: Wooden Scythe Location

Acquiring the Grappling hook

In order to get to the location of the Wooden Scythe, you will need to get the Grappling hook.

First, you have to go to Ashbourne Village, once at the house in the village continue to the path going to the right into Root-Ceil Cavern.

Once inside you have to make your way to Greymoss Mire, the entrance to Greymoss Mire is located at the bottom of the cavern, in the right corner.

When you enter Greymoss Mire by continuing the path you will encounter the boss Uryks Necklace-Of-Ears. This boss must be defeated in order to progress.

After slaying the boss continue going to the right and you will find an entrance in which you will progress.

When you enter the cave, you will have to drop to the bottom where you will find a corpse on which you will find the Grappling Hook.

Acquiring the Wooden Scythe

When you have finally acquired the Grappling Hook it is time to go on to collect the Wooden Scythe.

First exit the cave, on top of the entrance there are a couple of grappling areas, this is where the Grappling Hook comes into use. Use the grappling hook to lunge yourself on top of the entrance of the cave and continue on the path.

After this, you will enter Craterstone Mines where you will need to make use of the Grappling hook again. Then make your way to the wooden platforms that are located at the beginning of the tunnel, you will need to climb the platforms to the top.

At the top, there will be enemies that you might need to fight, after that you have to go to the right climb on the platform, and exit at the very top of the cave.

After this you will return to Ashbourne Village, once there you have to continue on the path to the right and enter the Archridge District.

After entering the mansion, you will have to climb higher up where you will find more grappling areas that you must use to progress to the top.

After that, you need to exit from here.

Once you take that exit you will arrive in this area where you need to climb the ladder on the right side of the area.

After that continue climbing on the platforms until you reach the top entrance.

Once inside you will have to take the path above the entrance and continue going until you reach the roof. When you get on the roof it is necessary to proceed west where you will find more grappling areas that you have to pass.

Once you pass it is hard to miss the big chest in which you will find the Wooden Scythe.