Salt And Sacrifice: Runed Mace Location

May 10, 2022
Let’s find the Runed Mace in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D adventure game where you can explore many areas and encounter different bosses and complete obstacle courses. In this game you can also find a ton of interesting equipment which is hidden in caves or on in high-to-reach areas. Equipment can be changed depending on how good of stats it has!

This guide will show you the Runed Mace location in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt And Sacrifice: Runed Mace Location

This weapon can be found in the Bol Gerahn in the Ceeping Caves. This area is only accessible if you have defeated enough Named Mage.

You will also need the magnesis supply to use zip lines so you can go to different areas.

When you go down the cave, continue going right and keep dropping down.

Once you reach this specific area, you will need to use a zip line to get on the other side.

On the other side, continue making your way down until you reach some small wooden platforms that will break down if stepped on. When you get to the solid platform, continue going left where you can find a chest with the weapon.