Salt And Sacrifice: How To Access Bol Gerahn

May 10, 2022
Check out this guide to find a way to access Bol Gerahn!

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D adventure game where you can explore many areas and encounter different bosses and complete obstacle courses. In this game, you can also find a ton of interesting equipment which is hidden in caves or in high-to-reach areas. Equipment can be changed depending on how good of stats it has!

This guide will show you how to access Bol Gerahn in Salt and Sacrifice!

Salt And Sacrifice: How To Access Bol Gerahn

To begin the process you will first need to defeat a Named Mage. The first Named Mage can be found on the right side of the Ashbourne Village.

Continue following the path until you reach an entrance to a building. Inside you will be able to find the Named Mage.

Once you defeat the mage, go back to the village and get to the area where you first entered to discover it. Don’t enter the same building, begin climbing the wooden platforms and go up.

Continue going up until you reach a tree to which you can talk, simply hit yes and Bol Gerahn will be discovered.