Salt And Sacrifice: Crude Greatsword Location

Published: 10 May 2022
Let’s find Crude Greatsword Location in Salt And Sacrifice!

Crude Greatsword is only one type of many swords in Salt and Sacrifice. It’s an amazing weapon used to inflict great damage to the Enemies and Bosses. The way to obtain this weapon is not so difficult, especially if you are in the first areas of the game. You can get the Crude Greatsword in Ashbourne Village inside the Stonehall dungeon, but one of the main requirements to enter this area is to defeat at least 3 named mages.

In this guide, we will show you Crude Greatsword Location in Salt And Sacrifice!

Salt And Sacrifice: Crude Greatsword Location

At the beginning, where you start by the village house, make your way straight to the left.

You will come to a path that splits going up and going down inside the cave. Make your way down to enter the Root-Ceil Cavern.

Once you are inside the cave, follow the stairs going down, and on the edge just fall down to the lower level.

Then make your way to the right until you come to another passage that will bring you outside to the Greymoss Mire.

Once you are out to the Greymoss Mire, follow the only path going to the right, until you reach the end of the stairs, then you have to jump on the cliff to continue forward.

Pass by the watchtower to come to the entrance of the Craterstone Mines.

Once you are in the mine, just follow the ground path, don’t jump to the upper platforms until you come to another passage.

Once you enter the Stonehall Dungeon, climb down the ladder and continue to the left.

At the first split of the path, you will want to jump down and follow the stairs.

Once you come to a platform, don’t continue down to the stairs, but jump on the higher platform to the left, where you will see a chest. Open the chest to obtain your Crude Greatsword.