Saints Row: How to Unlock the Golden Garbage Truck

August 27, 2022
Time to unlock this shiny golden dumpster truck in Saints Row!

Saints Row is now back after nine years, bringing a fresh story along with brand new characters that make it more appealing to the new players of the franchise. Just like in previous games, earning cash is important as it will allow you to expand your criminal empire as well as purchase new outfits, vehicles and weapons in the game.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Golden Garbage Truck in the game.

Saints Row: How to Unlock the Golden Garbage Truck

The Golden Garbage as the name suggest is a shiny dumpster truck that has a reflective golden wrap on it.

There are plenty of dumpsters that you will find across the map that you can dive into to collect gold and other precious items. In order to unlock this truck, you will need to dive into 4 of those glowing dumpsters and collect the Garbage Truck Parts.

It’s recommended that you use a helicopter so you can travel to all 4 dumpsters quickly and get your hands on the truck.

The first Golden Garbage truck part called the High Capacity Hopper can be found in the dumpster located on the map above.

The second part for the Golden Garbage truck is called the Hydraulic Lift and can be found in the dumpster shown above.

The third part called the Golden Chassis can be found in the dumpster above.

The fourth part called the Industrial Compactor can be collected from the above location.

That’s it, now go ahead and collect all the parts to add the Golden Garbage Truck to your garage!