Saints Row: How To Get Spider Web Wingsuit

August 24, 2022
Fly like Spiderman by unlocking this amazing wingsuit!

Saints Row is now back after a period of nine years and it brings a fresh story along with brand new characters that make it more appealing to the new players of the franchise. As you expand your criminal empire in the streets of Santo Ileso, you will need different items such as the Spider Web Wingsuit to travel faster in the game.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Spider Web Wingsuit in Saints Row.

How To Get Spider Web Wingsuit in Saints Row

Wingsuit is the best suit that will let you fly with it.

The Spider Web is a costume that you unlock for your Wingsuit so you can look cooler while diving out of helicopters in the game.

If you haven’t unlocked the Wingsuit yet then it’s definitely worth your time as it will allow you to bounce off cars and travel from one location to another really quickly.

In order to get the Spider Web costume for your wingsuit, you will need to visit the School of Art and Design which is a clothing store where you can purchase this costume along with other clothing items for your character.

The Spider Web skin can be purchased for $32,400 which isn’t very difficult to earn as you can easily buy it within an hour by completing a few missions. There are also some other cool Wingsuits skins that you can purchase from this shop.

That’s it, now go ahead and visit the shop to unlock the Spiderweb Wingsuit!