Saints Row: Hidden History At Go Kart Go Guide

August 24, 2022
Check out the Hidden History at Go Kart Go in Saints Row!

In Saint Row players will have to complete plenty of missions and objectives, and find a lot of secret areas where they can discover or find some items needed for some of the events and missions. Hidden Histories are one of the hardest to complete Discoveries, in which you need to search around for specific placards or signposts related to the history of the area. If you have a hard time hunting for the Hidden History at Go Kart Go, then you are on the right place.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about Hidden History at Go Kart Go in Saints Row.

Hidden History At Go Kart Go Guide in Saints Row

There are a total of 5 signs around the marked area on your map and you can find them in the following locations in the images below.

Hidden History Sign 1

The first Hidden History can be found at the starting point. You need to go to the welcome board found by the large arch on the race track. Use it and you will activate the narrator, which means you need to continue to the next one.

Hidden History Sign 2

The second hidden history sign can be found right behind the first one, next to a palm tree on the corner of the red building with a wooden table next to it. Check the image below.

Hidden History Sign 3

This one can be found in the parking area next to the white car to the right of the large ramp. It will be in front of the red bollard.

Hidden History Sign 4

Fourth History Sing is located in the garage at the opposite end of the racetrack.

Hidden History Sign 5

From the garage continue to the red building where you picked up the second part of the quest.

Here you will find other bollards where the board is located. Use it and it will be your fifth sign.

Once you get all 5 Hidden History Signs, go back to the first one and interact with it to complete Go Kart Go task.