Saints Row Heist: Hartley’s Mansion in Marina East Guide

August 24, 2022
Check out the Hartley’s Mansion in Marina East Guide in Saints Row Heist!

Saints Row is finally here and the game is coming with a lot of new content and missions for the players. The story of the game is set in the world of Santo Ileso city where you play as “The Boss”, a former gang member, and now trying to create your new gang crew. As you progress through the game, you will come to the event Hartley’s Mansion in Marina East where you need to observe few things with your crew.

This guide will show you Hartley’s Mansion in Marina East In Saints Row Heist.

Hartley’s Mansion in Marina East Guide in Saints Row

This Heist is located at the marked location on the map in the Marian East area of the map.

Once you get there, you need to take some photos of the area, and then act as a getaway driver.

First photo that you need to take is the front door.

Take the right photos of the mansion for your crew to know where to enter.

After that, you will need to find a better way in.

The next photo is of the garage. Make your way to the left side of the mansion where you will find three garage doors and take a photo of them.

For the third and last photo of the area, you need to find the Back Door, which is on the back side at the garden of the mansion.

Walk by the side of the house, and then climb up the fence where you can get inside the garden. Here you will find the back door and simply take a picture to finish the area.

After the three photos have been taken, you will complete Heist: The Plan.

Once it’s done, you will receive a call for the next destination where you need to go and continue the Heist.

You will need to bring your crew to the specific area and wait by the car for them to finish the job. While you are waiting on the parking, there will be few enemy vehicles that will approach and you just need to destroy them.

Once your crew is back, get inside the Getaway vehicle and follow the marked location that you have on your mini-map and escape from the police.

You must be quick because you have a timer. If you don’t reach the destination in time, the heist will be failed.

By completing this Heist, you will earn decent amount of cash and XP.