Saints Row – All 5 Bony Car Part Locations | How to Get the Heavy Weight

September 13, 2022
These bones come from legends from the land of Saints Row!

Saints Row much like its predecessors has a lot of janky and whacky vehicles to offer some of them like the Bony car are special cars that can be unlocked by finding their parts, and well this causes some problems for players since the car parts are not the easiest to find. So a lot of players have been on a wild goose chase in order to get more cars, but you won’t have to since we got the part locations right here.

Stick around to get the bones of your dreams!

Saints Row – All 5 Bony Car Part Locations | How to Get the Heavy Weight

The Bony Car in Saints Row is a monster truck-type vehicle that can be used to cause massive amounts of chaos, sounds like a fun time when Saints Row is in question. Because of this and the fact that the car is highly customizable players have been having wet dreams about this vehicle.

If you’re having trouble finding the parts don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all of the locations of every part of this vehicle.

Part 1

The first part is located in Rajas Desert North on a small island in a lake in Kavanagh County.

When you get to the island you will find the car part on a windmill of sorts located on the northwest side of the island, to collect the part just walk up to the windmill and press your use key.

Part 2

The second part is located on the west border of Rajas Desert North near Monte Vista.

You will see a windmill placed on a hill go up to it and open the mailbox strapped to it.

Part 3

The third part is found in the southwest corner of Rajas Desert South again in Kavanagh County near a bridge.

Walk up to it and grab the part.

Part 4

The fourth part is found in Badlands South near the motorway that connects North and South.

Walk up to it and grab the part.

Part 5

And the final part is located in Badlands North on a small island located in the sea that’s surrounding the whole map.

To get to this island It’s recommended that you use the weather station northwest of the island itself so you can land right in the middle of the island where you will find the last part.

After you’ve collected all of the parts you will automatically receive the vehicle which will be sent to your garage after collection, have fun causing chaos around the streets.

Til next time Gamer!