Saint’s Row (2022): Best Optimization Guide | Max FPS Performance

September 15, 2022
Make Saint’s Row perform at its best by following this guide!

Saint’s Row (2022) is the reboot of the highly wacky and always over-the-top Saint’s Row franchise that puts players in the shoes of a gang boss once again, wreaking havoc everywhere he or she may go. Volition’s reboot takes place in the fictional city of Santo Ileso – a beautiful wide open-world where every corner can be a worthwhile visit.

That may be, causing chaos in it can be a real joy, and you should be able to do just that without having to deal with frame drops, crashes, or constant bugs. This optimization guide aims to make your experience with Saint’s Row much more enjoyable – albeit in exchange of some graphical fidelity.

Check out this guide to optimize Saint’s Row at its best.

Best Optimization Guide | Max FPS Performance for Saint’s Row (2022)

Updating your Drivers

PC gamers should always be in the lookout if their graphics drivers are updated or not. Updating them optimizes your PC to its best capacity and generally fixes several issues that you may not necessarily be aware of.

To make sure that the performance drop you get when gaming isn’t because of your PC, better to keep your drivers updated.

Adjust your Screen Resolution

Always choose a screen resolution that is compatible with your monitor. On top of that, take note that the lower the resolution you run your game with the less stress it gives to your PC.

This means that if you are struggling to get a constant FPS, try lowering the screen resolution you are currently at.

Put your Graphics Settings to Low or Medium

If you don’t mind sacrificing graphics to achieve a more stable performance, it is a good idea to tweak your Graphics Settings to either Low or Medium.

In this game, you can adjust several aspects of its graphics. If you prefer adjusting them individually, then do so, but its recommended that you just go with the game’s presets.

Run the Game in the API Recommended for your PC

On the game’s launcher, simply choose Start Vulkan to achieve a better FPS rate in exchange for more processing demand.

However, say that your PC is suboptimal, freely choose what the game recommends based on your processor and graphics card.

With that done, Saint’s Row should be running at its best and optimized self – everything now falls into player’s preference. Take time adjusting the options given you by the game itself to achieve the performance you desire.