Runescape – Woox The Runescape Player Who Broke The Game

February 23, 2023
Let’s look into Woox who has broken Runescape.

Runescape is an amazing RPG where you get to roam around the open world and upgrade your character. A massive multiplayer game with a ton of players. This time, we will be looking into a very famous player by the name of Woox who potentially broke Runescape with his methods.

In this guide, we will go in depth about Woox and how he broke Runescape.

Woox The Runescape Player Who Broke The Game

This story begins when the Corporeal Beast was added to the game and players were not able to defeat it for one year.

Woox is a boy born in Stockholm in Sweden in 1996. At the age of 13, he managed to take on this Corporeal Beast one on one. He also created a YouTube channel in early 2008 that showed many players how monsters are defeated with different mechanics.

After a shorter period of time, Woox has updated the description of his most popular video of him slaying the beast and it states:

I’’ve now soloed it more than 200 times in total.

Best loot: ARCANE SIGIL!

Worst Drop: Uncuts (2 Sapphires)

He showed players that you can kill it without any food or bews.

Woox has created a giant reputation in the PVM world in Runescape where he killed a ton of bosses in a matter of seconds without any hesitation.

In March 15, 2011, Woox  has officially decided to stop playing Runescape due to him not trusting the developers of Runescape as well as the whole company itself.

From this massive post about Woox not trusting the company in Runescape, he did a pretty good hit on the game itself. Making them drop from around 2 million players, all the way down to 850k.

Many players taught that he has left the community for good, so did he. Woox tried different games like World of Warcraft, but after a period of time, he’d upload another video about the Tormented Demon with Steel Titan.

Woox was officially back to Runescape as well as Runescape Old School. He then started his own Twitch channel where he simply defeated every single boss with an inventory filled with potatoes and other useless items.

In 2016. A brand new PVP event occurred, known as the Deadman. This event piled a bunch of players in an area and allowed them to fight to the death, Woox was included there as well.

While every player managed to fight and die, Woox developed a strategy to go outside the ring, constantly consume food form an NPC that he’d find and eventually win the tournament.

Shortly after, he got disqualified as the staff taught he broke rules, but the Runescape community fought back and covered his back, saying that he did nothing wrong.

The Inferno shortly after was added to the game and none other than Woox was there to complete it first and get a lifetime membership for Runescape as well as other rewards.

The game breaker title that Woox obtained is when he managed to beat the Theatre of Blood. Runescape developers have said that this raid was impossible to beat solo.

Woox began working his way in thie raid solo and in September 4th 2018. He managed to solo this raid and he got his Game Breaker title.

With the thousands of hours spent, and the challenges as well as tournaments that Woox has completed in the past years of Runescape, he officially is the god of Runescape and will hold that title for many years.


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