Runescape: How To Kill Zamorak Boss (Lord Of Chaos)

Published: 10 Jul 2022
The time has come to Kill the final boss Zamorak, the Lord Of Chaos in Runescape!

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos is an ascended Mahjarrat and the final boss of the Zamorakian Undercity. You will have to stop Zamorak from summoning hordes of infernal demons to take over Gielinor while re-establishing the Edicts of Guthix and stopping Ol’Zammy’s evil plans for good. To make it happen you should follow our guide and make it successfully.

This guide will show you How To Kill Zamorak Boss, Lord Of Chaos in Runescape!

Runescape: How To Kill Zamorak Boss (Lord Of Chaos)

Before you plan on taking on this fight, do gather the mini Quest Aftermath by talking to Adrasteia on the first floor of the Valdor Castle. It is recommended to start this quest before facing Zamorak.

During the mini-quest itself you will be going through the fight with the boss anyways, and you might as well gather it before you make your attempts that said “Zamorak is now lurking behind a protective shield in the wilderness, trying to establish his own edicts”.

This means that it is your job to stop him. Since you can’t take him due to his protective shield, you must journey through the Zamorakian Undercity in Senntisten and use the portal that will take you through in furnace and ultimately shortcut your way to Zamorak himself.

The unique thing about Zamorak boss fight is that it is built for anybody. The story mode has a 90% damage reduction and has saved deaths. There is also a normal more with a standard level of difficulty, and a near unlimited Enrage mode that will test your combat skill to the absolute limit.

The fight itself can be done solo or up to five players, and the experience will scale with your team. For the first time, you can also earn rewards in story mode.

They are much less likely to drop and there will be significantly less loot overall but it’s a great way to build your experience and gain something along the way for your troubles.

More experienced players most probably will take on normal mode which is the base experience, but if you want a real challenge, the scaling Enrage is going to push you further than any fight has ever done in Runescape.