Rune Factory 5: Where To Get and Craft Cold Medicine

March 28, 2022
Time to craft some Cold Medicine!

Cold Medicine is an item that can be purchased from doctors and obtained through the Rigbarth Clinic. This item is used to cure a cold sickness of your character that you can obtain as you progress through the game.

At the beginning of the game, the Cold Medicine item is not unlocked and you need to do some tasks beforehand to unlock it.

Where to get and Craft Cold Medicine – Rune Factory 5

The Rigbarth Clinic is the area that you will want to upgrade. This is the area where all the doctors can be found and different medicine can be purchased.

This area has its own upgrading levels that you can achieve by gathering materials and buying a Rigbarth Clinic upgrade.

The upgrade requires:

  • 8000G
  • 500 Seed Points
  • 50 Physical Stones
  • 50 Lumber

After upgrading to the first level, the Cold Medicine will be unlocked and you will be able to purchase it and craft it.

To craft the cold medicine, you will need to reach level 22. The following ingredients are:

  • Cold Medicine Chemistry Recipe
  • Orange Grass
  • Toyherb

With these ingredients, you will be able to craft a Cold Medicine and cure your sickness and gain 1000 HP.