Rune Factory 5: How To Earn Seed Points Fast

Rune Factory 5 is the latest addition to the popular role-playing action-adventure franchise of Rune games that is available on Nintendo Switch. The seeds points in the game can play a crucial role as they allow you to upgrade things and earning them can be quite difficult sometimes.

In this guide, we will tell you all the ways to earn seed points in Rune Factory 5.

How To Earn Seed Points Fast

The seed points in the game allow you to unlock festivals and upgrade items such as Shops and Barns in the game. However, acquiring them can become quite a chore at times so these are some of the ways that you can follow to get them easily:

1. Patrol Mark: You can equip the Patrol Mark in the game to receive a boost that will allow you to gain more seed points. While using the patrol mark, you will be able to receive 1.5 times more seeds points and you will be able to unlock it after reaching the last rank of the seed organization. This can be done by completing the wanted monsters bounty in Libya.

2. Wanted Monsters Missions: There are various Wanted Monsters missions in the game that you will be able to complete to receive a minimum of 20 seed points each time. You will receive different amounts of points depending on the rank and the rarity of the Wanted Monster mission. It usually ranges between one and five stars. The amount of HP of the monster when you capture it will also determine the number of seed points you will receive. Higher the HP of the monster, the more seed points you will gain. You can repeat these missions over and over again since there daily limit on the number of missions that you can complete every day.

3. Fighting against monsters and bosses: There are various types of monsters that you will be to fight in the game and you will receive 2 seed points by defeating every monster. In case you have the Patrol Mark ability, you will gain 3 seed points per monster. You can easily gain upto 100 seed points per day by fighting against 50 monsters without the Patrol Mark and 33 monsters with the Petrol Mark.

You can also take on the different bosses located in the dungeons and you can quickly reach their location using the fast travel feature. Each time you beat a boss, you will receive 30 seeds points or 45 seed points if you have the Patrol Mark equipped. Do note that you will only be able to defeat each only once daily.

4. Shipping Items: You can ship items from your inventory to receive 50 seeds points automatically while selling more expensive items will gain you up to 125 seed points. In case you have the Patrol Mark ability then you will be able to receive 75 points to 125 seed points depending on the value of your items. These seeds points will be added to your account at 8 am daily when the items get shipped in the game

5. Completing Requests and Daily Quests: You will receive different requests in the game and completing them will gain you a minimum of 100 seed points and upto 300 seed points depending on the type of quest. If you have the Patrol Mark equipped then you will receive 150 to 450 seed points per day by fulfilling these requests. There are also the daily quests that can be completed to receive 200 seed points. You can also interact with the villagers in the game and complete their tasks to get 200 seed points or 300 points in case you have the Patrol Mark.

6. Talking to villagers: Every time that you speak to a villager in the game, you will receive 1 seed point or 2 seed points daily if you have the Patrol Mark. This is one of the easiest ways as you head over to the shops and interact with everyone present there. It will help you gain seed points and also increase your relationship with them which can be important in the game.

7. Activities with the villagers: You will be able to complete various activities with different villagers in the game after you build a relationship with them. These activities will be unlocked after you complete the second upgrade for the Restaurant and the Black Smith shop. You will be able to participate in different activities like fishing and cooking with the villagers to receive 3 seed points or 5 seed points with the Patrol Mark. It can add upto 15 seed points daily if you complete all three activities.

8. Completing Sub-Scenarios: There are different sub-scenarios denoted by the yellow markers and love scenarios with different marriage candidates that can be completed to gain to 30 seed points or 45 points with the Patrol Mark. Unfortunately, these sub-scenarios are not available daily so you need to watch out for them in the game.

9. Winning Festivals: You will be able to take part in different festivals and you will receive a rank depending on how good you are doing at the festival. You need to finish in the 1st,2nd or 3rd position in the festival to receive 150,100 and 50 seed points respectively. In case you have the Patrol Mark equipped, you will receive 225,150 and 75 seed points for the 1st,2nd and 3rd positions respectively. So watch for these festivals as winning them will also gain you some friendship points with the NPCs in the game.

That’s it, you can easily gain upto 500 or even 1000 seeds point every day if you decide to follow this guide and complete all the various tasks mentioned above. This can be really useful since the upgrades can get very expensive late in the game and having those extra seed points can be pretty handy.

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