Rune Factory 5: All Outfits – All Clothing!

March 28, 2022
Look at all these cool outfits for Rune Factory 5!

With the Rune Factory saga, Hakama Inc. has developed a great number of outfits for the two main characters of the game, Ares and Alice. Some of these outfits are obtainable through playing the game and others are obtainable from the DLC that has been released from Rune Factory 5. This review will show you the list of all outfits of Rune Factory 5.

All Outfits List – Rune Factory 5

Starting Outfits

When you begin the game, you automatically obtain 5 different outfits for both characters, they are:

  • SEED ranger uniform Outfit
  • Casual Outfit
  • Swimsuit Outfit
  • Azel Outfit
  • Sonia Outfit

These outfits are obtainable once you finish the intro for the game. Inside your room, you will find a wardrobe that you can access and customize your characters.

The wardrobe is a furniture item, meaning that you can interact with it and also break it. To purchase a new wardrobe, you will need 3000 gold, 50 wood, and 20 stones.

Digital Deluxe Edition & Earthmate Edition Outfits

Purchasing these editions for the game will grant you a massive list of interesting outfits, the following deluxe edition, and earthmate edition outfits are:

  • Vishnal’s Outfit
  • Clorica’s Outfit
  • Kiel’s Outfit
  • Doug’s Outfit
  • Amber’s Outfit
  • Leon’s Outfit
  • Dolce’s Outfit
  • Pico’s Outfit
  • Forte’s Outfit
  • Arthur’s Outfit
  • Margaret’s Outfit
  • Xiao Pai’s Outfit
  • Dyla’s Outfit

DLC Outfits & Swimsuits DLC

Having these two DLCs will grant you an additional 6 outfits, of which 3 are for Alice and 3 are for Ares:

Outfits for Ares:

  • Raguan Outfit
  • Kyle Outfit
  • Micah Outfit

Outfits for Alice:

  • Mist Outfit
  • Mana Outfit
  • Shara Outfit.

You also are able to obtain 2 extra outfits if you have the Rune Factory 4 Special on your switch, these outfits are:

  • Lest’s Outfit for Ares
  • Frey’s Outfit for Alice