Roblox: Trading Guide

August 9, 2022
Check out this complete guide for trading in Roblox.

According to gaming fans, Roblox is one of the top game-playing and game-development platforms available to players. Roblox is a free-to-use gaming platform. Although the game is free to play, all players have the option of purchasing Robux with real money. 

The ability for Roblox users to trade with one another a variety of items is another feature that enhances such an experience. The Roblox trade system’s journey begins there. Therefore, this guide includes a step-by-step procedure for trading various things with other players.

Roblox: Trading Guide

Trading on Roblox

The Trading System is a feature that Roblox players frequently inquire about. You can trade with other players, which is the broadest response to your question, but there are a few more things you should be aware of.

When compared to transactions you might make in other games, this system is highly sophisticated and has many different aspects. While attempting to make trading more straightforward, it also manages to make it more challenging.

This trading function on the Roblox site allows you to exchange items with other users at the price you want if you’re seeking any collectibles. Try the following steps if you’re interested in trading on the Roblox platform:

1. Purchase a premium membership

You need a premium membership on Roblox to be able to trade, which you can purchase by going to your settings menu, clicking on the Billing tab, and then clicking the Join icon:

Next, choose the deal or package that is right for you.

The three levels of the Roblox Premium Membership, each of which provides you with a monthly amount of Robux, are as follows:

2. Enable the trade option

The following step, after obtaining a premium membership, is to enable the trade option under Privacy Settings:

For the premium members, there will be a drop-down box in the trade option from where you can enable the trade.

Click on the Settings icon to view the Privacy Settings.

3. Look up the player you wish to trade with

You can proceed after enabling the trade option. Each player has their own selection of goods to trade.

You can trade by typing any player’s username into the search field:

As shown in the image above, select the “in People” option.

When you find the player, click on their name to view their profile.

When you click on the three dots (Meatballs menu) in the top right corner of a player’s profile, a trades item option will appear if you have a premium membership.

Click on that option, and your offer and request list will then open.

4. Choose the items you wish to exchange and the ones you need

After clicking on the trade items, you will see the items that the relevant player is looking to trade, along with their asking price and your offer. The price and item details for your request list and offer list will be displayed on the right side of the page.

Set the price of your item now that you may choose it from your inventory to trade for the desired item that the other player is trading. Then click the “Make Offer” button in the lower right corner.

The notification of your offer will be sent to the respective player in its personal message remember there will be a 30 % fee that will be deducted by Roblox and also remember you cannot add more than 50% of the current price offer you are currently getting.

What Can You Trade?

The unfortunate thing about the trading system is that not all products can be exchanged. The following are the only things you can trade:

  • Roblox sells “limited items,” which are products that are available for a short period of time and will never be offered again in the catalog.
  • Products offered by Roblox with a serial number upon purchase and in a limited amount are known as limited unique items.
  • Robux is the game’s currency.

This is so that collectors who wanted to amass every special item from the game could do so, with whom the Trading System was designed. Goods obtained for free through promotional codes, items made by other users, and items acquired in some games cannot be traded or utilized.

Trading by looking up the desired item

Additionally, you can trade by first looking for the required item instead of the player. You can look for the item by selecting it from the menu under collectibles, then proceed as directed below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Catalog option in the top navigation bar of your account’s Roblox website.

Step 2: Next, select the collectible kind by clicking the Collectables option in the category menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: After choosing the item, scroll down the screen and click on the person whose name is trading that specific item to access the Private Sales tab.

Step 4: After choosing the username, the player’s profile will open. Scroll down the profile to find the More button; click it to reveal the Trade Items option in the drop-down menu that appears. By selecting the Trade things option, your offer and request, which includes information about your inventory and the item, will be opened.

Points to keep in mind when trading on the Roblox platform

  • The game passes cannot be traded.
  • The free things cannot be traded.
  • You must use the website to trade; you cannot do it through a mobile app.
  • You can check the trade hangout page to see if someone wants the thing you want to trade, or you can list the stuff you want to trade on your about page.

  • To trade on the Roblox platform, you must have a premium membership, and you can only do so with other players who have premium memberships.

How to View Roblox Trade Transactions?

When a Roblox player makes their first deal, they all want to see their trade history. But they lack knowledge because they are new.

If you’re new to Roblox, you should continue to read this guide to learn how to create a Roblox group and add pals.

To view your Roblox trading transactions, follow these steps:

  • On the Roblox homepage, select the Trade option.
  • Choose the list of Active, Completed, and Pending (Inbound/Outbound) trade offers.

Managing Trades

You must then navigate to your inbound trade menu in order to respond to a player’s trade request. The remaining three choices are as follows:

  • Accept 
  • Decline 
  • Counter

If you decide to respond, you have the option to change the deal and send it back to the player so they can determine whether it is fair.

Hence, Trading on Roblox is a fantastic way to acquire some of the most coveted products or items that you like that other players have and are willing to trade for.

However, there is a need for both participants to have a premium membership in order to engage in trading.