Roblox: The Intruder Chapter 1 to 3 (Full Walkthrough)

Roblox Intruder is a first-person horror game where players need to hide and survive from an intruder to avoid getting killed by him. The game features 4 different levels and can be either played in the single-player mode or multiplayer with other players. Given the scary experience, it is only natural if you are looking for a walkthrough to survive till the end.

This guide will give you a complete walkthrough of Chapters 1 to 3.

The Intruder Chapter 1 to 3 (Full Walkthrough)

Chapter-1: The House

It is the first map added to the game and in the beginning, you will get a small intro with the phone service giving you instructions on things to do when intruders enter your house.

Answer the phone and you will be introduced to the Awareness and Anxiety parameters of the game. The Awareness refers to how aware the intruder is about the location of you and your friends with the game ending when the bar reaches 100%.

To prevent it from getting full, fix the phones and the alarm to slow down the intruder and avoid giving him clues to your whereabouts.

The second parameter is Anxiety which will automatically increase if you do not check the cameras. If the meter reaches 70% or higher, then your character will start making breathing noises which can alert the intruder and increase the awareness meter.

The intruder will start outside the room and slowly progress towards your room, it is your duty to avoid him by keeping an eye on the cameras.

However, if the intruder does manage to enter your room then you will need to turn off the lights and head to the nearest closet in the room. Make sure the room of the closet is closed and then stay still to avoid making movements.

Wait till he leaves before heading out of the closet and checking the cameras again. The intruder can enter the room in many ways and one of them is by crawling through the vents. If you hear him crawling in the vents then turn off the lights and stay still.

Wait for him to close the vents before you start moving again. There are a total of 10 cameras present in the house that you need to check by interacting with the computer:

  • Camera 1: Front Door
  • Camera 2: Streets
  • Camera 3: Living Room
  • Camera 4: Hallway
  • Camera 5: Basement Stairs
  • Camera 6: Basement
  • Camera 7: Backyard
  • Camera 8: NOT CONNECTED (Glitch)
  • Camera 9: Ventilator
  • Camera 10: Room (Only visible if one of the players dies)

The nearest camera to your location is Camera 3: Living Room and Camera 9: Ventilator. If you spot him in one of those cameras then make sure the phone is silent, turn off the lights and hide in the closet.

If the intruder arrives then he will knock on the door and then enter the room to check inside. Stay still in the closet when it happens otherwise you or the player who moves will end up dead.

The cameras can also stop functioning sometimes with a power outage requiring you to reset their connection and this can take some while.

You will need to check the cameras from time to time and hide when the intruder is near you. This process will continue until the game finishes and you will be rewarded with a “You ‘re Saved!” badge upon completion.

Chapter-2: The Mall

On the second level, you will find yourself inside a Mall and there is a telephone present here too just like in the previous chapter. You will receive phone calls to remind you about your shift which begins at 12 AM and ends at 7 AM.

There is a new mechanic called alarms that will ring at each hour and your task is to silence them to prevent them from alerting the intruder. The longer the alarm rings, the higher the awareness levels will rise.

There are a total of 10 cameras present in the Mall just like the previous level but they are present in different locations:

  • Camera 1: Hallway 1
  • Camera 2: Hallway 2
  • Camera 3: Escalator
  • Camera 4: Restaurant
  • Camera 5: Second Floor
  • Camera 6: Parking Lot
  • Camera 7: Shoe Store
  • Camera 8: Janitor Room
  • Camera 9: Hallway 3
  • Camera 10: The Shift Room (Only visible if one of the players is dead)

The camera nearest to your location is Camera 1 and Camera 9 so you need to keep an eye on them. When the intruder enters the room, turn off the lights and hide in the locker near the cameras or the door as soon as possible.

The only problem is the alarm that rings at regular intervals of 1 hour and you will need to stay on your toes to silence it.

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In case the camera stops functioning due to a power cut by the intruder, you will need to replace the fuse to bring the system back online. After you manage to survive till the end, a small conversation with the police will be shown that reveals that the intruder is a shapeshifter and can mimic other people’s appearances.


This is the third and last level called the Mineshaft which was recently added to the game. Unlike the previous levels, there are no anxiety or awareness bars.

There are various quick-time puzzles and challenges that you need to solve to meet with the intruder. You will need to fix 5 generators by solving these puzzles as each one of them will break randomly.

Towards the end of the level, the intruder will start chasing and the only way to survive is to hide in the lockers and find a way towards the outside.

That’s it, you have successfully completed all the chapters in The Intruder!

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