Roblox – Spotify Island: How To Get Hwaiting Annyeong Emote

Roblox is always surprising its players with a lot of new items, or items that can be obtained for free once you complete some of the tasks. Players can now get the Hwaiting Annyeong Emote for free in Roblox Spotify Island, but first you must know what to do.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get Free Emote Hwaiting  Annyeong Emote in Roblox Spotify Island.

Roblox – Spotify Island: How To Get Hwaiting Annyeong Emote

Once you spawn on the map, follow the tutorial and the green arrows that will take you all around the map.

You are going to take off all the way down and back around, and then suddenly the tutorial will bring you to Effects.

Just jump on it and you will get the badge.

Sometimes it might not appear depending on the Roblox issues at the moment, but eventually, it will appear and you can get it for free.

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