Roblox Royale High Halloween: Fastest Candy Farming Method

October 8, 2022
It’s time to farm some candies in the Royale High Halloween event in Roblox!

Royale High Halloween is an event part of Roblox, and as October approaches, it is here with plenty of mini-games and puzzles for the players to enjoy for Halloween. There is a new mini-game in which you have to farm candies and if you want to do is fast, there is a method that we are going to show you today.

In this guide, we will show you the Fastest Candy Farming Method in Roblox: Royale High Halloween!

Fastest Candy Farming Method – Roblox Royale High Halloween

There are a lot of candies to collect and there is one method that will help you collect most of the candies in a very short period.

All you need to do is ring the doorbell on the doors of the houses inside the small town and then there will start to appear a lot of candies in front of the doors.

You just have to collect all the candies in front of the doors and it is very easy and fast. In very short period you can collect plenty of them.

Once you are done in one area, you can continue to another one and ring to other doorbells and you will be able to collect even more candies.

This is the fastest and most enjoyable method that will help you to farm a lot of candies.