Roblox Mobile: How to Make a Game Pass

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Want to create a Gamepass in Roblox on your mobile? This article is specifically for you!

In an update, Roblox added a feature that allowed players to create game passes on Roblox. You could then use this pass to get robux. While some people might say creating one on your mobile phone is impossible, we beg to differ. This article will tell you exactly how to make a game pass in Roblox and yes, it is possible.

Roblox Mobile: How to Make a Game Pass

To create your own game pass, you need to head over to your browser and open the official Roblox website. You cannot do this on the mobile application. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using. This is possible on both Android and iOS on any browser even though it might be a little easier on Safari.

Once you’ve opened the website, it will ask you if you want to continue in App, but as mentioned before, this method is not possible through the App. So click on the ‘Continue in Browser’ option. Once you’ve done this, you will see the Roblox website. In it, click on Create.

If you usually use the app and not the website, which is probably the case for most of you, you’ll be asked to log in to Roblox. Use your username/phone/email and password for your account and log in. Here comes the tricky part.

Once you log in and head over to create, the website will say that the studio is only available on Windows and Mac. This is not true. There are different methods to get rid of it depending on the browser and the device you’re using.

For iOS, when you reach this page in Safari, click on the ‘aA’ option at the top of your screen and then click on ‘Request Desktop Website’. If you’re using an Android device or any other browser, this option might be at the bottom of your screen or the top left.

If you cannot see this option anywhere, for example, if you’re looking at the website on Chrome, then you need to head over to the triple dots on the top left of your screen and scroll all the way down.

Here, you will see an option called ‘Desktop Site’. Make sure that option is checked and the website should work for you.

Once you’re in, click on ‘Manage my extensions’. This button should be right below the big button to create a design. Once you’ve done that, you will see an option with your name and ‘Place’ written after it. There will be a drop-down menu that looks like a cog in front of it.

Click on it and scroll down until you find ‘Create Pass’. Click on this option and you will be taken to a different screen where you need to fill in the details for your pass. Here, find the image for your pass in your gallery, and then write a name for it. Finally, write a short description to attract more and more people to your pass.

Once you’ve filled in all the details, click on Preview and then click on Verify Upload. Your Gamepass will be uploaded. Next, and this is probably the most important step, find your Game pass and click on the cog icon in from of it. Next, click on Configure.

Here, you can change the details of your pass. Make sure you head over to Sales and turn on the ‘Item for Sale’ option. Then, you can select the price of your Game pass and it will be available for sale on Roblox. Go ahead and share it everywhere you can to earn Robux.