Project Slayers: Leveling Guide (Level 1-100)

July 25, 2022
Time to grind those quests and earn some sweet XP!

Roblox Project Slayer is an RPG action game where you can create your own character to fight in the world of the famous Demon Slayer Anime and choose to either defend humanity or side against it by joining Demons.

This guide will tell you how to level up quickly in the game.

Project Slayers: Leveling Guide (Level 1-100)

How to level up from level 1 to level 12

The first village that you spawn in after loading the game is the Kabiwaru village where you find this NPC character called Somi.

In the first quest, you will need to help Somi by defeating 5 of Zuko’s subordinates. Fighting them is pretty easy as you just need to spam your left-right combo to defeat them.

Completing this quest will help you reach level 2 pretty easily.

Now return back to Somi and you will be given the 2nd quest where you need to rescue her sister Riyaku from Zuko’s subordinates.

You will need to defeat these subordinates while carrying Somi’s sister on your back.

Press H on your keyboard to carry her and then defeat 2 of Zuko’s subordinates in the area.

Bring the sister back to Somi and the second quest will be completed taking your character to level 3.

Now it’s time for the third quest where you need to fight against Zuko and help Somi.

Defeating Zuko has a 20% chance of him dropping the Riyaku’s Necklace which will allow you to get more HP and other buffs.

Fighting against Zuko is pretty easy and you need to grind this quest until you reach level 12 in the game. There is a 10 to 15-second cooldown period before you can repeat the quest again from Somi so keep doing this quest until you reach level 12 and have 5000 Wen with you to unlock the breathing training.

How to level up from level 12 to level 20

Once you reach level 12 and have the breathing unlocked, things will become much more easier for you in the long run.

It’s time to head over to the next area called Zapiwara Cave where you will come across this NPC called Membere.

After you accept this quest, head inside the cave and set your spawn point in the Green Crystal in the corner immediately.

Proceed further inside and then defeat the 3 Sakurai Demons present in the area.

The best way is to hit all of them first so they get grouped together and then you can defeat them all of them easily.

Get all of those demons down to one HP and then climb the opposite down and then breathe until the bar fills up. Now jump down and get some distance to perform the breathing move to kill those demons instantly.

This will allow you to gain some breathing mastery while doing your sword mastery while getting some sweet XP on the way.

Repeat this quest until you reach level 20 in the game and then you can proceed to the next area.

How to level up from level 20 to level 35

Once you reach level 20, you can advance to the next area but first, make sure to max out your breathing mastery by spending 13000 Wens to get the maximum breathing bar with 115 points.

Next, you need to head over to the Horse Guy and visit the Final Selection area. If you have not unlocked it yet then use your map points so you can fast travel to this location.

You can purchase Map points for 1200 Wens and then use these points to unlock new areas.

After you reach the final selection, you can enter inside only during the specific time mentioned

there with the countdown showing the amount of time left before the area becomes accessible.

Make sure to bring atleast 2-4 friends along who have max breathing unlocked and have some of the skills showcased above.

If the Final Selection location has some time left before it gets opened, then you can visit the Ushumaru Village and interact with this NPC called Grandpa Shiron there.

The first quest requires you to defeat 4 of Kaden’s Subordinates.

Defeating them is pretty easy and you bunch all of them together to beat them easily.

Now return back to Grandpa Shiron to start the second quest where you need to defeat the bandit Kaden.

Fighting against Kaden can be a bit hard so it’s recommended that you bring some of your friends along. Once you defeat him, you will be rewarded with a Tier 1 Chest in the game.

When he starts spinning, simply run away and wait for him to return to his normal attack mode.

After the quest is complete, you can return back to Grandpa Shiron to keep grinding this quest until the Final Selection begins.

Now it’s time for the final selection part, you will need to reach atleast level 25 and have the max breathing unlocked. Make sure to bring along atleast 2-4 friends with the skills showcased.

Keep grinding the final selection part until you reach level 35 in the game.

How to level up from level 35 to level 100

Now that you have completed the final selection and reached level 35, click on the 4th item in your inventory below to summon the crow.

The crow will then arrive after a few seconds and show you some of the quests available.

In this case, we got the quest to defeat Nezuko for which we need to visit the Horse Guy and then travel to the Slasher Demon location. You can use some map points to unlock this place if you haven’t already.

Once you reach there, head towards the north and then summon the crow to check the status of the quest. It will show that you are doing this quest and it can take a few minutes for Nezuko to spawn so you can grind some Wen by fighting against other bosses in the area.

After Nezuko gets spawned, go ahead and fight against her. If you manage to defeat her then you will receive 1000 XP which is a lot of XP for a single fight.

Do note that this fight is hard so it’s recommended that you bring some friends along so you can gain XP together and defeat her easily. It’s best to either do the Slasher Demon or Nezuko quest to level up quickly if you have these available in your crow.

If you are level 50 and above then you can grind Yahaba and Susumaru at Ouwbayshi Home to gain a lot of XP.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow this guide to reach level 100 in the game!