Roblox: How To Solve Color Code (Level 7)

June 9, 2022
Check out this guide to solve the Color Code in Level 7 in Aperiophobia!

Apeirophobia is a horror game created in Roblox where you need to solve puzzles in order to escape from different rooms while a monster is hunting for you. This guide will tell you how to beat level 7 in the game.

Roblox: How To Solve Color Code (Level 7)

In order to solve the puzzle, you will need to look for different coloured orbs scattered across the room and then enter this combination of codes into the computer. Once you enter the correct code combination, your game timer will be reduced by 30 seconds.

On the computer screen, you will find the priority given to the colour codes:








Now hunt for different coloured orbs scattered across the room and collect them. You will need to find and collect as many orbs as possible. After you have collected all of them, head back to the computer where you will need to enter the code

Do note that the number and colour of orbs get changed every time depending on the server that you are connected to but the method of solving the puzzle remains the same.

So suppose if you manage to find 3 Yellow orbs,2 Grey orbs and 1 Orange orb then you will need to enter the code 243517. This is because you need to enter the number of particular orbs that you found and the weightage given to them in the computer.

Example: No of Grey orbs-2, Weightage-4, No of Yellow orbs-3, Weightage-5, No of Orange orbs-1, Weightage-7 therefore the code will be 243517.

Calculate the code based on the orbs that you find and then press the confirm button after entering it into the computer in the room. A new code will now appear on your computer screen, memorize it and enter it into the door located in the right corner to escape the room.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these instructions to complete the level!