Roblox: How To See Your Badges

Published: 25 Jul 2022
If you don't know how to see your badges in Roblox, check out this guide!

In Roblox, the creation and collection of badges are something that users can do. They can be used to display your achievements on Roblox! Alike many games offer their own unique badges to the players that can be obtained by doing multiple tasks in the concerned game, the Roblox Badges can also be acquired by carrying out a variety of different tasks.

Everything you need to know about Roblox badges is covered in this post. So don’t forget to read till the end. 

Roblox: How To See Your Badges

If you as a player are having problems seeing the badges you have accumulated for a game and other issues related to it, the instructions below will explain how to view your Roblox badges, what you have to do to acquire the Roblox badges and what kinds of badges the game offers you.

In your inventory, under the Badges section, you can see every badge you have already acquired through experience. Selecting a specific one and reading its description will allow you to learn more about how it was obtained.

Other than this, the only option that is available to us at this time is to patiently browse through each badge on the games page, open them up, and check to see whether it shows that you own it, or to search through every page of the Badge section of your Inventory for the badge you believe you may have amassed. 

It will take you close to 90 pages of badges to determine whether you have acquired any. It takes considerable time and effort to accomplish what ought to be very simple. A fairly straightforward activity would be made significantly simpler for the average player if Roblox added a tiny notification next to each badge you’ve collected on a game’s page.

A set of badges in order is something you frequently see (Lvl. 10, Lvl.20, Lvl.30 or 100 KOs, 1000KOs, etc.). The badge is always at the bottom of the list when you add a new badge to your game. It’s ideal to plan for every possible future badge or make a lot of spaces and set them to inactive, but sometimes this jumbled-up sequence can’t be prevented.

Therefore, a relatively simple feature that enables you to order and save badges in a more organized manner would be greatly welcomed! With this function, you may switch badges simply by dragging one over to the other, much like how playlists on YouTube operate.

The option to make a “folder,” in addition to changing a badge’s position, is depicted on the exquisitely rendered paint graphic. This folder can be sorted, and you can place any badge inside it that corresponds to the folder’s name.

How can you achieve a badge?

The first achievements that come to mind when thinking about ROBLOX achievements are badges. In Roblox, the player receives a badge when they:

  • Reach a specific in-game level.
  • Finish a particular map
  • Complete a challenging task, like jumping across several treacherous platforms.
  • Play your experience for a predetermined period of time (15 minutes, 2 days in a row, etc.).
  • Discover a secret or easter egg.
  • Attend a ROBLOX event that isn’t official, etc.

Badges you can acquire in Roblox?

As of right now, you must pay 100 Roblox in order to make a badge for your game, making badges something you (typically) don’t add without consideration. Some of the Roblox badges are as follows:

  • Homestead Badge: 100 Visitations to your place

The homestead badge requires 100 visits to your private location. By accomplishing this, players have shown that they can create fun things that other Roblox users are curious enough to check out. By extending an invitation to guests, you can begin to accrue this badge.

  • Bricksmith Badge: 1000 Visitations to your place

You can obtain the Bricksmith badge by having a well-liked personal space. You will get this award once your location has received 1000 visits. A place that a thousand people desired to explore was about to be built by a Robloxian with a Bricksmith badge. They undoubtedly have some experience assembling bricks.

  • Bloxxer Badge: 250 Knockouts

It goes without saying that someone who has received this badge is extremely dangerous. One day, combat-proficient Roblox players can expect to earn the Bloxer Badge. It is awarded to the warrior who has defeated at least 250 foes and experienced triumph more often than defeat.

  • Friendship Badge: 20 Friends

Players who have embraced the Roblox community and made at least 20 friends are awarded this badge. People with this badge are nice to know since they can probably assist you if you need it.

They are just a few of a lot of badges that are offered by Roblox. Hope you find it helpful!