Roblox: How To Get SUN BREATHING In Project Slayers

Published: 25 Jul 2022
Wondering how you can get the most amazing Sun Breathing Style in Project Slayers?

In Roblox Project Slayers you can create your character in the world of Demon Slayer anime, and you can choose between humans against the demons, or play on the dark side against the humans. The game is offering different breathing styles that are the main source of damage for slaters, and today we are going to talk about Sun Breathing.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get Sun Breathing in Roblox: Project Slayers!

Roblox: How To Get SUN BREATHING In Project Slayers

The first needed requirement that you will need is a prerequisite. There will be Sun breathing and more perks in the future.

When they do add Sun breathing all commodore users are going to be the only ones who will be able to get Sun breathing.

The second requirement is that you will need to be at a certain level, and in our prediction, you are probably going to need to be around level 50 or more.

For those players who don’t have commodore yet, the easiest way to get comodo is to make a bunch of ult accounts and use in-game codes until you get commodore.