Roblox: How to Get Red Lip Face

Published: 3 Jun 2022
This article will tell you how you can get the Red Lip Face in Roblox through the Tate Mcrae event.

Roblox is always hosting free events that provide you with a bunch of free things including codes, accessories, etc. Recently, an event was launched that provides you with the new Red Lips face accessory in Roblox through the Tate Mcrae Concert Experience. While this accessory looks a bit curse, if you want to get it, this is the article for you!

Roblox: How to Get Red Lip Face

The accessory that you can see above is currently available on Roblox for free and it’s also really easy to get. If you want to use this seriously, or troll people by staring them in the face when you have that face on, just head over to Roblox and go to Discover from the menu on the left.

Once you’re there, search for Tate Mcrae Concert Experience. You’ll see a game that looks like the picture below. Open the game and wait for it to launch. The accessory is connected to this game and this is the only way to get it.

Once you have loaded in the game, you will find yourself in a massive hall. The next thing you will notice is that there are plenty of booths that have many faces displayed on them. Head over to any one of these booths.

You will see many faces with eyelashes and lipsticks of multiple colors. There will also be a panel on the side with a color palette for many lipsticks. You can try out everything you want here but it’s just a trial. Get close to any one side of this booth and you will see a prompt to Try on the face.

Hold E on your keyboard to try the face on. Next, follow the same process for all four sides of the panel. When you try any of the faces on, you can turn around and look at your face and you will see the trial on your face.

Once you’ve done this on all four sides, you will see that you received a badge called “No Filter” at the bottom right of your screen. That’s all you need to do, now you can head back out of the game and check your inventory. You will find the Red Lip face in there. Have fun with this face out there.