Roblox: How To Get NARS Lollipop Necklace

August 25, 2023
Check out this guide to unlock the Lollipop Necklace in NARS Sweet Rush!

NARS Sweet Rush, a board game in Roblox based on the popular cosmetic brand NARS has received a new item called NARS Lollipop Necklace. This necklace is available only for a limited time as a part of a special event in the game.

This guide will tell you how to get the NARS Lollipop Necklace in NARS Sweet Rush.

How To Get NARS Lollipop Necklace

In order to unlock this necklace, you will need to head over to the Sweet Thrills Park board in the game and collect 10 style assets. The NARS Lollipop is the third reward that you get for participating in the special event.

It is recommended that you play some minigames first to earn some coins and dice rolls to buy some assets. Once the game begins, you will need to participate in it until the end to get some coins and dice rolls. These mini-games are pretty simple and don’t require a lot of time to complete.

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It doesn’t matter whether you get a good standing or not. It is recommended that you do this on VIP servers as players have complained that haven’t received their badges on a public server.

You can now use these dice rolls and coins to get around the map and purchase Style Assets. Open the map to find the locations of the assets and collect them. There are a total of 23 assets and once you manage to purchase 10 of them, you will receive the NARS Lollipop Necklace in the game.

Make sure that you have atleast 30 coins before you advance, 2 in the area where the asset is located. You will be able to unlock the NARS Necklace as soon as you get 10 Style Assets in the game.

That’s it, now go ahead and purchase some assets to get your hands on the NARS Necklace in Roblox.