Roblox: How To Get More Customers In Restaurant

April 12, 2023
Learn how to attract more customers to your Roblox restaurant!

Roblox My Restaurant is where you need to build your own restaurant from scratch and rise your way to profitability as you expand the size of your outlet. The key to running any successful restaurant is attracting more customers in order to increase your revenue.

This guide will tell you how to get more customers in your restaurant in Roblox.

How To Get More Customers In Restaurant

1. Expand your seating capacity

The first thing that you need to do is increase the seating capacity of your restaurant to accommodate more customers. Naturally, more customers mean higher revenue as the game will only generate the number of customers that are proportional to the available number of seating areas.

Any place where customers can sit and eat is considered a seating area including tables and chairs or barstools and counters. You cannot mix and match these combinations as they won’t count as eating spaces. In short, the more your seating capacity is, the more number of customers it will attract.

2. Have A Diverse Food Menu

If your customers have a repetitive menu with only a few items then chances are that it would become stale within no time. Just like restaurants in real life, customers want a wide range of dishes so it is important that you offer more choices to them.

Not only will it attract more customers but it will also increase your revenue as people order different food items.

3. Change The Seating Layout

Just having more chairs won’t increase your revenue, it is important to have a clean and simple layout with spread-out chairs and tables which is easily accessible to all customers. You should optimize the layout of your restaurant and check out the layout created by others in the community.

Try to add more floors and get all of your eight floors as soon as possible. This will not only allow you to expand your seating capacity but also help you serve your customers better. It is always advised to hire more staff to keep up with the ever-growing demands of a restaurant.

4. Attract Celebrities And VIP Customers

Apart from focusing on normal customers, you also try to attract VIP customers such as celebrities and rich customers. You can buy expensive furniture such as royal tables and chairs to make your restaurant more appealing to VIP customers.

Not only do they pay more money but they also attract more regular customers. You can also add luxury decorations such as counters or jewellery cases to grab the attention of celebrity customers.

5. Listen To Your Customers

Take the feedback given by customers into account and then act on them. You can place a manager’s desk on the top floor of IKEA to know what your customers think.

This will allow you to make changes accordingly and increase the rating of your restaurant. If you manage to achieve a 5-star rating then more customers will be attracted to your restaurant.

That’s it, use these tips and tricks to make your restaurant more appealing so you get more revenue and better inflow of customers!

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