Roblox: How to Get Hallow Jack

October 5, 2022
Be the nightmare of the arena by getting the Hallow Jack glove!

Roblox is a sandbox-style game where players can do basically everything and play whatever type of game they may want with the help of mods or scripts. One of the most popular games within Roblox is Slap Battles. It is where people online slap each other using various gloves with unique abilities. Its chaotic premise keeps Roblox players engage and going back for more after several rounds.

In Slap Battles, no other glove has made quite an impact as the Hallow Jack. In fact, almost every player in the game wants it thanks to its insane power and awesome Jack-o-Lantern ability. With that said, here is how you get the Hallow Jack in Roblox’s Slap Battles.

How to Get Hallow Jack – Roblox

To get the Hallow Jack glove you must first have the Jack’s Will badge.

Here is how you get that particular badge.

Firstly, you must have the Killstreak glove.

You get to unlock this by slapping those in the arena 5,000 times. If you don’t have the Killstreak glove yet, do just that using the various gloves already available to you.

Once you have it, equip it and go into the normal arena (it must be a public server).

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Do your best to get a 10-killstreak using the Killstreak glove.

With the 10-killstreak, head over to the mini island (the one with the glowing chain leading from it to the big tree). Jack’s grave should spawn behind the tree in mini island. Take note that the grave only has a spawn rate of 10% every 10 minutes.

We recommend server hopping to find a grave that has already spawned.

Simply click the grave with your 10-killstreak still intact to get the Jack’s Will badge.

Getting the badge effectively also unlocks the Hallow Jack glove. Check your lobby to see if the glove is unlocked and is in your selection.

There you have it! Now you have the very powerful Hallow Jack glove.

Test it out on the arena. Believe us, equipping this glove in the arena feels like a hack. That is how powerful it is.