Roblox: How To Get 6 New Backrooms In Backrooms Morphs

August 8, 2022
Time to collect all the 6 new morphs added in the latest update!

Robox Backroom Morphs, as the name suggests, require players to find and collect all the morphs present in different locations. The latest update of the game adds 6 new morphs for players to find.

This guide will tell you how to find all the 6 new backroom morphs in the game.

Roblox: How To Get 6 New Backrooms In Backrooms Morphs

Entity 7

The first morph called Entity 7 can be found by teleporting to the spawn area and then turning left.

You will notice a Flappa drawing on the wall and then you proceed further to meet the big Floppa.

Interact with the switch on the wall to open the door and continue further.

After you enter the next area through the door, jump down where the board says” Don’t Jump”.

Proceed further via the tunnel with the arrow sign and then you will soon enter another tunnel on the right.

In the second tunnel, turn left and you will be able to collect the Entity 7 morph lying in the corner.

Minion Glitched

To find the second morph called Minion Glitched, you need to turn right from the spawn area and then right again to reach the floppa area.

Climb the ladder to pass the black liquid on the floor and you will be able to collect the banana lying in the middle of the corridor.

Now go back via the way you came from but turn right into the alley with the rat symbol on the wall.

In the middle of this alley, turn left towards the elevator area to find the minion in the corner.

Give the banana to the hungry minion and you will be rewarded with the Minion Glitched morph


The next morph called Fox EXE can be found near the Game Madness area.

Enter inside the area and then turn right from the wall with two arrow signs.

Proceed further ahead and then turn to find the Fox EXE morph lying at the end of the alley.

Entity 6

To find the fourth morph called Entity 6, head over to the spawn and then go into the crouch area next to the free morph.

Once you reach the other side, turn right from the wall and then right again until you reach the wall with the “Pick the right one” sign above.

Turn left from there and open the safe to access the pool room.

Inside the pool room, open the locked door on your left by climbing the ladder.

Here you will find the morph locked inside a cage and to open it you need to interact with it.

Now the game will ask you to solve a puzzle and the correct answer to solve this puzzle is 4.

After solving the puzzle correctly, you will be rewarded with the Entity 6 morph.


To get the next morph called the Spiderman morph, you need to head over to the pool rooms near the elevator area.

Go to the other end of the pool room and then jump into the hole located in the water to reach the next area.

Here you need to turn left and then left again to find the spiderweb lying in the corner.

Interact with it to collect the spiderman morph hidden behind it.

Clown 2/Pennywise

Finally, the last morph is the Clown 2 or Pennywise morph which you can find by heading into the big floppa area.

Head past the floppa present there and then turn right at the end of the corridor.

Turn left and then right to find the red flying ballon in the corner.

Interact with the ballon to destroy it and then you will be able to collect the Clown 2 morph hidden behind.

That’s it, you have successfully managed to collect all the 6 morphs in the game!