Roblox: How To Find Scented Con (Working)

October 6, 2022
Want to get naughty or explicit in Roblox? Read on.

Roblox is a sandbox-style game where players can do basically everything and play whatever type of game they may want with the help of mods or scripts. It thrives on letting the community run free with their creativity, expanding the game further and ultimately making it more enticing to play. Being a true sandbox game, there is no shortage of community-created games on Roblox. You can practically find any type of game you may possibly want here – including those suited solely for mature audiences, such as condo or scented con games.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to find scented con games in Roblox. Fair warning: these games are only for mature players.

How To Find Scented Con – Roblox

Explicit mini-games in Roblox have been given various names over the years of Roblox’s existence.

First they were called ‘condo’ games, but now, they are simply referred to as ‘scented con’ games.

Getting straight to the point, these games are made specifically by mature players in Roblox for mature audiences. It features some explicit content most of the time. Given its nature, it is no wonder that Roblox itself banned them officially.

These banning forced players to get more creative in making sure that scented con games still exist in Roblox. So if you want to try them out for yourself, you are just in luck.

If you really want to try Roblox scented con games you must first join a specific Discord server where a dedicated community to make sure such games exist in Roblox are found. Simply search for ‘Roblox Condo’ in the search bar and enter a server.

Once you have officially joined a server, scour it for some links or downright ask the admin for community-created scented con games you would want to play.

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That is basically it, take note however that these servers are run by who knows who, so be wary of the links you find in there as some may contain malicious scripts or viruses instead of games.

On top of that, remember that scented con games are officially banned in Roblox so playing them could result in a permanent ban.