Roblox: How To Cheese Sabito at Level 1in Project Slayers

July 24, 2022
Wondering how to cheese Sabito at level one. If so, this guide is for you. Check it out!

You can anticipate a lot of action because Project Slayer, as its name suggests, is inspired by Demon Slayer. The game’s objective is straightforward: you must battle foes and travel over a map filled with rewards and secrets.

This Project Slayer advice on how to cheese Sabito at level 1 might help to lighten your load even though the road may be arduous and protracted. So be sure to read it through to the finish.

Roblox: How To Cheese Sabito at Level 1 in Project Slayers

Follow the step-by-step directions as mentioned below in order to Cheese Sabito at level 1 in Project Slayers: 

First of all, for Cheese Sabito at level one, there are no additional requirements. In addition to a sword, the player can also use their fist. From the Spawn site, proceed straight until you see two bridges in front of you. 

When you reach this bridge, you have to cross it by keeping going straight. You should light a lantern if you have it because it is dark on the bridge. An added benefit of a lantern is that it improves visibility.

Additionally, continue moving forward after crossing the bridge, and you will soon see Sabito. Actually, he is a mid-boss. When you first see him, all you need to do is breathe to practice your breathing, or if you have none, just attack him with whatever you have available. Before engaging in a fight, all you have to do is wait for him till he approaches you to engage in combat.

You need to attack him the moment he approaches you. Before choosing your target, you must be certain that you are aiming at the appropriate person. In order to combat him, you must either utilize a water wheel or simply block.

His only move is the water wheel, which many players find to be extremely irksome when engaged in combat. Be wary that he can easily get through your block if he goes behind you during the fight.

The next step is to hold F while striking him against the wall. If he fights back, simply use a water-surface slash combo on him. You can punish him because it is blockable. He can be effectively killed in this manner. 

At level 1, each player approaches Cheese Sabito differently. Some players believe that it is preferable to play alone because playing with a friend makes things a lot much harder because they can unknowingly get in your way and can harm you as well. 

Some of them, however, disagree with these players and believe that more than one player is actually necessary. They claim that at least two people are required for this because it is preferable to engage in multiple combatants in order to defeat Sabito more quickly. So it only depends upon whether you want to cheese Sabito solo or with multiple players.