Roblox: Giyu Location in Project Slayers

July 23, 2022
Check out this guide to learn about Giyu Location in Project Slayers!

You can play the Roblox game Project Slayers, which is based on the Demon Slayer genre and choose to pursue the path of a Demon Slayer or a Demon. You can then train and gain the power to defeat foes. In locations inspired by the anime and manga series, the game offers a variety of tasks, Breathing Trainers, and Non-Player Characters. 

This guide includes a map of Giyu’s location in Project Slayers that helps you in your navigation.

Roblox: Giyu Location in Project Slayers

Follow the step-by-step directions listed below to find the Giyu location in Project Slayers: 

In Project Slayer, travel to the butterfly mansion and then find the man riding a horse to find Giyu. You can configure your spawn there. You’ll probably find this place when you do meditation training but either way, to find this place is the butterfly mansion.

You must proceed directly south from the butterfly mansion, which is where you spawn. Then you’ll encounter an area that is so dark that using your lantern is required in order to see your surroundings more clearly.

All you have to do is keep moving southward. You’ll run into a number of Giyu’s men as you make your way to his location. To locate Giyu in Project Slayers, which you now know is situated in the forest south of Butterfly Mansion, you must battle and vanquish Giyu’s minions.