Roblox: Elemental Awakening Forge Guide

Published: 12 May 2022
Check out this guide about Elemental Awakening and it’s newest edition The Forge!

Elemental Awakening is a Roblox game that was developed in 2021. The game has seen massive success on the Roblox platform though it had a massive gap between updates. Yesterday there was a new update in the game that added a new feature called The Forge.

Here’s what The Forge is used for and how to get to it.

Roblox: Elemental Awakening Forge Guide

Getting to The Forge

To use The Forge you first need to get to it. Getting to The Forge is not a complicated process. To get to The Forge you will need to climb up the massive tower in the middle of the map.

To make the climbing easier it is recommended to use some of the flying abilities that the game has to offer.

Once you reach the top you will enter World’s Zenith where you will have to interact with the Center of Creation in order to teleport to the Forge.

Once you use the Center of Creation you will be teleported to The Origin, this is where The Forge is located.

The Forge is located in the middle of The Origin dimension.

Using The Forge

To use The Forge, you will need to be level 1000.

The Forge is used to evolve abilities to higher levels although evolving is yet to be implemented.