Roblox: Blox Fruit Guide (Level 1 To 700)

May 22, 2022
Let’s see how you can get from level 1 to level 700 in Blox Fruits Roblox

Roblox is a massive game with a ton of interesting Mini-Games that require sometimes you to level up and get to a stronger point where the competition will get much more intense between you and other players. Leveling up from level 1 to level 700 in Blox Fruits can be challenging for some people. Not to worry, the developers have created a great leveling system that will help you get to 700 in no time!

This guide will show you how to get from level 1 to level 700 in Blox Fruits Roblox.

Roblox: Blox Fruit Guide (Level 1 To 700)

Once you spawn in game, you will be in the starting area where you can basically farm mobs and level up to level 15. Once you reach level 15, you can now travel to another zone which is the 15+ zone in the game.

All of these zones have their level cap and are a great way to guide you where you need to go upon reaching a specific level.

In each of these zones there are mobs which will level you to the max level and a boss at the end. Each boss defeated will complete a quest in the same island which will also grant you XP.

Interact with the Pirate adventurer NPC who is located at the 30+ zone to fight the pirate. Killing the pirate in the level 30 zone will get you a ton of levels and also allow you to kill other mobs in this area until you reach level 60.

The second boss at level 60 will reward you with a ton of rewards and XP. Once defeated, return to the NPC to complete the quest and continue your journey towards the 60+ desert zone.

Get to level 75 in the desert zone to unlock the new NPC who will give you a quest to defeat 6 desert officers for a lot of XP and $4.500.

Farming the desert officers and completing the quest will get you some levels up and close to level 90. Continue grinding monsters in this zone until you reach level 90.

The Level 90 zone is the frozen village. Here you will have a quest to kill the snow bandit and get to level 100. Getting to level 100 will be easy, just complete the quest and farm more monsters.

After 100, you need to get to 120 by defeating the yeti boss and yeti monster.

The Level 120+ zone is the Marine Fortress. In this area you are now able to fight against Chief Petty Officers and gain great EXP. Level up to level 130 to unlock the newest boss.

The Vice Admiral boss will be the 130+ boss which will complete a quest in your journey and get you great rewards.

Skypedia Island is your 150+ zone. To get to this zone, you must go back to the frozen village and purchase a ton of abilities that will get you up in the clouds and into the new zone.

Once you get up in the clouds, you are now able to fight the Sky Bandits who are level 150+ mobs.

Leveling up to 175 will unlock the new NPC which will give you a quest to fight the Dark Masters.

The Dark Masters will get you to level 200 and lead you into the Impel Down Jail.

You can now fight a level 200 boss in the jail and get to 225. In that area you will find the level 225 Magellan boss and get up to 250.

In this area you will fight a few more bosses until you reach 255 and grant you access to the Colosseum. In the Colosseum you will fight the Toga Warrior and move up to 275.

In that area, you can also find gladiators who can help you level up to level 300.

Once you are level 300, go to the Volcano and fight the Military Soldier. The Military Soldier will get you to 330, and from 330 to 350 you are going to fight the Military Spy.

Now you are able to fight the level 350 Magma Admiral and farm him until you reach level 400.

Your next objective is to move over to the Underwater City and fight the Fishman Commando which will get you to level 425.

Get to level 450 in that area and move to the Upper Yard Entrance. In this area you can fight the God’s Guard and get to level 475. From 475 to 500, you can fight Shandas.

At level 500 you will fight the Wysper Boss and move over to the level 525 monsters which are the Royal Squad.

These monsters can get you to level 550. Once you finish leveling up to level 550, you can fight the Royal Soldier who will grant you a ton of levels and money, farming him will also get you to level 575.

Once you have reached level 625, head over to the Fountain City and obtain the quest from Freezburg Quest Giver.

The Galley Pirates will get you to level 650 and allow you to fight the Galley Captain. This will level you up to level 675 and the Franky boss will be unlocked.

Go to the quest giver, accept, complete, and return the quest which may get you up to level 678.

Now from this level to level 700 it’s all about grinding monsters and earning slow XP. You are going to need to continuously kill mobs and gain XP until you reach level 700.