Roblox: Apeirophobia Guide (Level 1 to 5)

May 20, 2022
Time to go through all 5 levels in Apeirophobia in Roblox!

Apeirophobia is a horror game in Roblox where you must avoid a black monster which will hunt you down through all 5 different levels. The levels in the game require you to complete specific tasks and push green buttons in order to unlock the exits and get out of the area.

This guide will walk you through all 5 levels of Apeirophobia in Roblox!

Roblox: Apeirophobia Guide (Level 1 to 5)

Level 1

In the first level you will wake up in a strange room with a buzzing sound. You will also be introduced with the basic playing controls.

You will also find a piece of paper attached to a wall that shows a black figure which is the monster of the game, a human figure that is running towards an escape. This picture represents you and your task. You must run away from the monster and get to the exit as quickly as possible.

The whole level is a maze room where there are some arrows displayed around. From where you spawn, hold the right side of the wall until you enter a bigger room with a chair in the middle and a disco ball floating.

To be as efficient as possible in this room, stick to the right side of the wall and keep holding it wherever you go. After some time exploring, you will find a set of stairs that lead in an air vent.

That is your way out of the first level.

Level 2

The second level will spawn you in a dark hallway filled with pipes. Your only way is forward, continue going forward until you reach an open room with a lot of water and pipes.

Go forward and on the wall you will find a piece of paper which will represent some wheels on pipes that need to be turned in the right order.

There is a total of 6 wheels and all of them need to be turned from right to left.

Your job is to locate all 6 wheels and turn them 360 degrees to the right.

Once all 6 wheels have been turned, you will hear a hazardous buzzing sound and a green light blinking from one side of the wall. You will need to go there and proceed forward where the path filled with water leads you.

Level 3

The third level will be filled with office rooms that have a ton of rooms that you need to enter and find buttons to press.

Once you’ve found all of the rooms, try to jump and enter one of them, you will see that it won’t be possible and fall down into the dark abyss. After that you’ll wake up in a different room with different objectives.

You will find 2 pieces of paper showing you that it’s better to hear things rather than see them, and also that you need to find drawers and press buttons inside them.

There will be a locked gate with 3 different locks which you must open up and continue with the level. There will be 3 keys hidden in drawers which you must explore.

From this point on, the black monster will appear and begin to hunt you down. The screen will begin to shake and turn red as the monster gets close to you. Simply hide on top of the drawers and you may have a chance to survive.

Once you’ve collected all 3 keys from searching all the drawers, you will need to head back to the locked gate and unlock the 3 locks that hold it shut. Once they are opened, you will hear a buzz sound.

Inside the next big room there will be 3 buttons that you need to press and make them turn green. The first button will be located at some fallen drawers, you need to circle around them and press it.

The second button will be located in a tight and tall room where at the end you will see the button and push it.

The third and final button will be located inside an opened drawer. Walk up to it and press it.

Once all 3 buttons are pushed, you will hear another buzzing sound. You now need to return back to the previous area and find the green light with an exit door.

Once you enter this area, continue going down the stairs until you reach another exit door. Enter it and you will proceed to level 4.

Level 4

Level 4 is a simple level really. You will be dropped in the sewers of the object. There is only one way of the sewers. From where you started, continue going forward and on each crossroad you will need to look left and right until you find a white shiny gateway.

Level 5

The final fifth level is scary and you may die here. You will wake up in a cave with a lot of spikes and you may end up finding a white figure of a Roblox character running around. If you see him, know that you will die and lose a life.

You need to move around the area forward as it is not a maze and try to evade the white character as much as possible.

You know that you have reached the end of the cave once you begin to hear some strange sounds. These strange sounds will get louder and louder as you get to the purple portal in the area. Continue making your way forward until you reach the purple portal.

As you enter the portal, the screen will turn black and the game will end, you will be disconnected from the game automatically and get a thank you notification from the developers for playing their game.

This game is still a Pre-Alpha version and developers are expecting to create more interesting levels with more scary content.