Roblox: All Bedwars Commands

Published: 11 Apr 2022
Check out this complete list of commands for Roblox Bedwars!

Playing with Roblox with your friends can be a lot of entertaining, especially during those custom matches. However, you can add some layer of fun by entering some commands in the game to do things like spawning items, teleporting from one place to another, obtaining enchantments etc.

In this guide, we will tell you the list of all the commands in Roblox Bedwars

Roblox: All Bedwars Commands

In order to use the commands in Roblox Bedwars, you will need to access the chat in the game. The chat can be opened by pressing the chat icon in the top left corner of the screen or by inputting the “/” key on your keyboard.

Do note that all the commands in the chat require you to add the “/” before them otherwise they won’t work. Some of the commands can also be added via the Host Panel at the top right corner of the screen.

This is the complete list of all the commands that you can use in a custom match in the game:

/announce (message): You can use this command to post a message in the chat that will be notified to all the players that are present in the custom match.

/blacklistitem (Item name): This will restrict players in the match from using a particular item.You can use underscore to blacklist multiple items with a single command

/disablekit (kit name): Prohibits players from using the kit specified in the custom match.

/enchant  (enchantmentname_level): This will apply the enchantment mentioned in the chat to the player. You will need to mention the name and level of the enchantment

/kick (username): This will remove the user mentioned in the command from the custom match. You will need to use the Roblox username of the player that you wish to kick by tapping on their name in the player list.

/luckyairdrop: This command will spawn a LuckyBlock airdrop in a random area in the game. These Lucky blocks contain rare weapons and loot

/setDeathmatchTime (time): This command will set the time before the sudden death mode begins in the custom match. You will need to input the number of seconds while using this command

/setGeneratorMultiplier (amount): This command will increase or decrease the speed of item generators such as Iron, Diamond and Emerald. Number 1 is default speed while number 2 is double speed and -inf can be used to reach the max speed

/spawn (item name ) (amount): This command can be used to spawn an item of your choice during the match

/togglespawn (item name) (true/false): This command will enable or disable the spawning of the specified item in the custom match. True will allow it to spawn while false will disable any spawns

/tp ( player): This command will teleport the player mentioned to another location

/tp (target_player) (destination_player):This command can be used to transport the selected player to the location of another specified player in the match

/tp all: Using this command will teleport all the players in the match to a particular location on the map.

/tpbed (Color_bed): Using this command will teleport you to the team bed in the game.You can replace the color to the one you wish to teleport

/disaster (“meteors” , “void_rise”, “toxic_rain”, “tornado”): This command will trigger one of the natural disasters in the game

/give (player), (all),(team_color),(item)(item amount):This command can be used to give a particular item to a specific player or a team in the game.

/sethealthregen (player) (amount): This command will enable you to set the health regeneration amount for a particular player in the match

/cohost all: This command grants all the permissions for cohost to all the players in the match

/hub: Using this command will take you back to the Roblox Bedwars hub where you will be able to join different games, buy kits or start your own custom game.In case you are already present in the hub then you will be connected to a new server

That’s it, these are all the commands that you can use by accessing the chat in the game.Now go ahead and use them to enhance your gameplay experience!