Roblox: All 70 Animal Locations

February 9, 2023
Let’s find All 70 Animal Locations in Roblox.

Roblox is a game full of mysterious places to be searched, a lot of items to be found and also there is a list of an Animals that belongs in different categories. Some of them are so easy and obvious to be found but many of them may be a real challenge before you locate them in Roblox.

In this guide, we will show you all 70 animal locations in Roblox.

Roblox: All 70 Animal Locations

The first animal that we will start searching for is the Moose. An unexpected creature hidden in the snowy forest.

Near to the Moose, on the back, you can find the next one which in Ferret.

On top of the tall building in front of the Ferret, you can find the Pigeon.

On the roof of the same building, inside the chimney, you will find Mallard.

As you continue to search on the ground, in the Pink building, in the bedroom, behind the bed you will find Hamster.

In front of the Pink Building, there is a big rock that you can pass through to enter a secret path underneath. There you will find a Tortoise.

 Check on the image below.

In the front of the pink building, around the trees are located a few sewers. One of the sewers will lead you to the canal underneath where you will find the Alligator.

In the same canal, but on the other side you will find Raccoon.

The next animal to find is Peacock which is located in the Blue building behind the blue Picture with many Peacocks on it hanging on the wall in the Living room.

Next, inside the Blue and yellow building, behind the bar in the yellow room, you will locate the mouse.

The next animal is the Possum which can be found on top of the Pink building.

At the top of the big stone, behind the green building, you will find the Lion.

Below the same stone where the Lion is, you will find Ostrich.

Behind the Blue building, on the edge, you will find a Skunk.

Going back to the big rock where you found the Lion, there you can see a big Giraffe standing next to the tree.

Since you found the Giraffe, you have to climb on the tree next to the Giraffe and jump on the blocks to get to the next tree where you will find the next animal Baboon.

Below the tree where you found the Baboon, you will see a Camel. Go and collect it.

In the white Pyramid in front of the Camel, inside on the red rug, you will find the Rattle Snake.

On the outside of the same Pyramid, you can see a secret pass where you will find Armadillo.

On top of the Pyramid, you can find one more animal, which is a Golden Eagle. First, go to the top of the pyramid where you will see stairs to climb on the upper section.

Right behind the pyramid, you will see tall stone bars. On top of them, you will find the Vulture.

The next one is the Woodpecker. You can find this one at the foods on the left side of the pyramid.

Inside the water, on the middle of the map, you will find the Orca.

In the same place is located the Sea Turtle.

Look deeper in the water to find the Jellyfish.

The Lobster is located inside the black rock in the water, there is a maze inside which you have to pass to get to the Lobster.

As you continue to look inside the water, between green grass you will find the Sea Horse.

Next to the Sea Horse, you have to enter inside the cave with a violet entrance where you will find the Octopus.

Once you are done with the search in the water, go out and continue on the surface. On the tall plain green trees you will find the Panda.

Right after the Panda, on the ground on the white rock you will a Frog.

On the next big tree in the same area, you can find a Kingfisher.

After the tree, in the other water below, you will see the Crocodile.

Below the crocodile in the water, you can see a tunnel that will direct you to a Snapping Turtle.

The next animal is Beaver. It is located in the big block which is floating on the water.

You have to go underneath to enter inside and collect the Beaver.

Next is the blue camp where you can find a Brown Bear inside.

In front of the camps, you will see the tallest tree. Climb on it and then jump on the blocks to pass on the next tree where you will find the Koala.

On the same trees, continue to follow the path through the block in the air and it will lead you to the next animal, Red Panda.

On the side of the farmhouse, you will find the Bull.

While you are there by the farmhouse, climb up on the tower where you will find Hen.

From the tower, jump on the roof of the farmhouse and on the edge of the roof you will see the Barn Owl.

On the back window on the farmhouse is located the Rooster.

As you continue with the farmhouse, inside the back corner of the house is located a hidden tunnel underneath which will bring you to Turkey.

Back, up in the farmhouse, you will see the Horse.

After the horse, there are stairs inside the farmhouse which will bring you to the second floor where you will find a Chick.

In front of the Horse, there is a locked room where is located the Cow. You have to jump up above the walls to get inside.

Once you are done with the farmhouse, continue outside where you will find a Pig in front of the gate of the farmhouse.

In front of the Pig, you will see a big container with toxic water inside. There are blocks inside the water where you have to jump on them to get to the Goose.

After the farm area, the next will be the Polar Field, the white area covered with snow.

The first animal that you are going to notice on the top of the hill stone is the Reindeer.

On the side of the area, you have to follow the path through the stairs to go upper and you will find the Lynx on the top.

On the highest point on the corner of the Polar Field, you will have to climb up where you will find the Snow Leopard.

While you are on the top, jump down on the back of the area where is located the Hare.

Check on the image below.

While you are still at the Polar Field, at the central point on the front is placed an entrance to the underground. Get inside and you will find the Arctic Fox.

On one of the trees, you will find the White Owl.

Back in the middle where we started, on the tree next to the building in the middle of the map, you will find the Iguana.

Don’t forget to get the Elephant. It is right in the middle by the small water lake.

Also, the Dog is on the beginning of the map where you spawn.

Back to the water where you found the Orca previously, on the edge of the pool you will find the Pelican.

As you continue to search, right next to the water are the benches, behind them you will find a Mole.

At the top of the stone wall where you spawn on the map, you can climb up and find the Flamingo.

Maybe you forget, but back in the first building, on the second floor is located aquarium where inside you can get the Clownfish.

Continue to search in the same building going to the next floor. Behind the stairs you will find a Cat.

For the next hidden animal, you have to go back to the big tree in the middle of the map. There is an open gate where you can get underground into the labyrinth to find the Porcupine.

Check the images below.

In the same labyrinth you will find one more animal on your list!

Go back to the big Rock where you found the Lion. On the back under the rock, you will find also the Lioness.

In front of one of the benches, on the bush is located a Chipmunk.

Check the picture below.

The Squirrel can be found on the green tree in front of the Polar Field.

Check the image below.

The Catfish can be found back in the big rock inside the big block floating in the water.