Roblox: All 25 Sonic Morphs Locations

February 9, 2023
Let us show you how to find all 25 new Sonic Morphs in Fins the Sonic Morphs in Roblox!

Roblox has a ton of different Mini-Games related to different shows and movies. Sonic the hedgehog is in this game and people have made a Mini-Game where you can find different morphs of Sonic to make him look cooler in-game. There are a total of 25 new Sonic Morphs that you can find around the map which will give you a great adventure!

This guide will show you how to find all 25 new Sonic Morphs in Find the Sonic Morphs in Roblox.

Roblox: All 25 Sonic Morphs Locations

Twinhead Sonic & UwU Sonic

The Twinhead Sonic and UwU Sonic are close to each other, you will find the Twinhead morph placed next to a palm tree, and the UwU sonic will be placed just above the palm tree. You will need to jump on the higher cliff by using a jump pad, and on the left side, you will find the morph.

Bacon Sonic & Mafia Sonic

Mafia Sonic and Bacon Sonic are located on 1 area. You will need to do some parkour in order to get to the highest part of the area. Pass through the yellow/white bridge and turn right. Follow the parkour path and continue going up until you get to a computer.

On the same level, you will be able to collect the two morphs.

Neon Sonic & Baby Sonic

Neon Sonic can be found placed on the side of a stone totem. Walk up to the totem, and on its right side, you will find the Neon Sonic Morph.

From the totem, you need to climb up and circle around until you get on top of a palm tree. In the middle of the palm tree at the very top, you will be able to find the Baby Sonic morph.

Controlled Sonic

To get this morph, simply jump down in the water from where the totem was at the previous sonic morph location and continue going forward. On the second giant pillar in the corner you are going to find the Controlled Sonic Morph.

Golden Super Sonic & Hulk Sonic

The Golden Super Sonic Morph is located on the border of the map. Look for a wooden totem that is leaned on the side and a palm tree next to it. Climb up to that location and begin climbing the palm tree to obtain the Golden Super Sonic Morph.

The Hulk Sonic will be located on the same palm tree from where the Golden Super Sonic morph was, this time you will need to use the wooden totem to climb onto and jump from it on top of the palm tree leaves. In the middle of the palm tree you will be able to obtain the Hulk Sonic Morph.

Water Sonic & Sans Sonic & Clown Sonic

Teleport to the “Island” area and begin going forward just past the chain bridge, after you go across the chain bridge, drop down on the lower platform on the right side, and you will find the Sans Sonic Morph.

On the right side from the Sans Sonic Morph location, you will see a lot of small floating blocks that you can jump onto. Go to the other platform where the blocks lead you and climb to the higher level of the pillar. There you will find a computer and the Clown Sonic Morph.

The water sonic will be located on a stone pillar on the left side from where the Clown Sonic morph was. Simply drop down to this stone pillar and obtain the Water Sonic morph.

Silver Sonic & Bat Sonic

The silver sonic is located behind the stone totem where the waterfall is located.

To obtain the Bat Sonic morph, you will need to drop down from the corner of the platform where the Silver Sonic morph was and get on the chains. Climb up the chains, and on the right side you will find the Bat Sonic morph.

Electro Sonic

The Electro Sonic platform is located in a tricky area. To begin your search, get to the waterfall area and look at the corner of the map. That is where you need to go.

Once you climb up the area, Continue going to the end of the platform and on the right corner you will notice the Electro Sonic morph.

Thor Sonic

Thor Sonic will be located in the water where the waterfall drops down, simply look for some white objects in the water and you will easily obtain the Thor Sonic morph.

Xpie Fan Sonic & Anonymous Sonic

To get these sonic morphs, teleport to the Heights area of the map and on the wooden bamboo, the Anonymous Sonic morph will be firstly found.

The Xpie Fan Sonic morph will be located in the same area, just behind the spawning point. Jump around the platform and get onto the wooden planks. In the middle you will find the Xpie Fan Sonic morph.

Venom Sonic & Lokki Fan Sonic & Noob Sonic & Freddy Sonic

The Lokki Fan Sonic morph will be located on a platform where the Heights teleport takes you. Once you reach the “heights” teleport, move right and begin jumping on some blocks. The blocks will lead you to a platform where the Lokki Fan Sonic morph can be obtained.

Venom Sonic will be located on the other side of the pillar, simply walk around it and you will see a black mark which you can collect and have the morph.

The Noob Sonic morph can be located on the next platform in which you can jump to. Simply look behind the two wooden totems and you will find the Noob Sonic morph.

Freddy Sonic is going to be located straight forward from the wooden totems which lead to the next pillar. Simply climb the pillar and climb the wooden totem to get the Freddy Sonic morph.

Evil Marker Sonic

The Evil Marker Sonic morph can be located on the stone pillar that is close to the water when you jump down from the “Heights” teleport. Jump down on the right side of the teleport and make sure to land on the stone pillars to obtain the morph.

Blue SUS Sonic

To get the Blue SUS Sonic morph, you are going to drop in the water and head to the corner of the map. Go to the corner where there are two pillars leaned into one another and climb from behind. Halfway as you climb the pillars you are going to find the Blue SUS Sonic morph and obtain it.

Mommy Long Legs Sonic

To get the Mommy Long Legs Sonic morph, you need to teleport to the “Heights” teleport and jump on the left side where there is a giant pillar in which you are going to climb halfway. As you get halfway on the pillar, jump towards the two stone pillars where the morph is located.