Rise Up Gamer Fact-Checking Policy

Our methods of contribution to the gaming industry usually include presenting helpful information such as locations, guides, walkthroughs, and tips from the mechanical aspect of games. With that said, Rise Up Gamer does its best job to ensure that the content is factually correct at the time of writing, and with sufficient amount of evidence to ensure that what is being said is correct.

Headlines & Content

There is a growing trend in the gaming space, where content is becoming more and more misleading. This is due to a growing need to capture the viewer’s attention, often for a goal which isn’t to bring any value to the reader, but to oneself.

This is not RiseUpGamer. RUG does not condone factually incorrect statements, or headlines which are designed to mislead the reader into believing something which is factually incorrect.

Each of the research pieces that RUG does are under a lot of scrutiny to ensure that they’re factually correct, helpful, informative to the reader which might be interested in the particular topic, and based on some sort of official or non-official evidence.

All of this is to say that, what the headlines say is what the content will contain, portrayed to the best of our ability, and with an emphasis on being as helpful or as informative as possible.

Speculations, Predictions & Player Reports

Games are rapidly changing subjects, that are being updated and patched quite often in this era of gaming. We as RUG, allow ourselves to make speculations and/or predictions on what the future might hold for a particular game, publisher, development studio, or any type of gaming entity.

These types of predictions or speculations are usually pointed out that they’re not factually correct, but there is some evidence to suggest that the speculation given is highly probable to unfold.

If they’re not pointed out, RUG urges its readers to understand that in the rapidly changing gaming industry, some speculation is necessary, but shouldn’t be taken as the overall truth or fact.

Official Evidence & Information

RUG’s primary goal is to elaborate on official evidence or information gathered by entities which are the primary and official source of information on a particular subject.

Sometimes, this evidence is lacking, and RUG must settle on third-party sources, but overall, only if the official means of information sources are exhausted. In most cases, RUG also stresses the need to share the evidence, statement, or information that was gathered from an official source, in order to give readers, the actual evidence which suggest a particular thought or an overall conclusion.

Objective & Unbiased Reporting

RUG is objective and unbiased with every research piece that it does; We only share our thoughts, experiences, and speculations, which are in accordance with our own core beliefs.

Each article is unbiased, as we feel like it is important to share the correct, factual, and objective reality of whatever the subject or topic is.

Correctness Of Gameplay Aspects

Games get updated, patched, and modified regularly. Both new in-game features and content is being added quite frequently, but changes are being made to the overall game itself and old content as well.

We do our best job to ensure that the correctness of the gameplay aspects of a particular game are correct at the time of writing, but we’re also aware that these things might get changed, altered, or modified in the future.

It is because of this that we give our best effort to modify and correct a research piece should something change or the information in the article isn’t correct anymore. These things are tough to predict or follow along with, so please contact us, should you come across any inaccurate information.