Riders Republic: How To Get The Jumbo Bike

June 12, 2023
Follow these steps to unlock the Jumbo Bike in Riders Republic!

Bikes can come in all shapes and forms varying from compact BMX Mini bikes to huge Jumbo bikes. The Jumbo Bike in Riders Republic is a great toy with some really thick tires that will help you glide through all sorts of challenging terrains.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Jumbo Bike in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic: How To Get The Jumbo Bike

In order to get your hands on the Jumbo Bike, you will need to purchase the Year 1 Pass as it is an exclusive exotic toy available for them.

If you own the year pass and wish to equip the bike then simply navigate to the Gear selection menu and then navigate to the Bike section to equip the ShackDaddy’s Jumbo Bike.

Players interested in unlocking the Jumbo Bike can purchase it directly from the store by paying $10. You can also perform the Jumbo Bike even if you don’t own the bike since they are free and open to all players.

Just go to any Jumbo Bike event and you will be automatically switched to a Jumbo Bike to participate in that event. This won’t require you to purchase a Year Pass or the bike since it will be only available to you for the duration of that event

That’s it, now go ahead and get the Year Pass to unlock the Jumbo Bike!

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