Riders Republic: How To Get hoverboard

June 12, 2023
Learn how to unlock the hoverboard in Riders Republic!

Riders Republic recently got a significant update that includes new events, gameplay changes and a brand-new hoverboard. If you want to try out some crazy stunts or glide along the ropeway lines then you should check out this hoverboard.

This guide will tell you how to get the hoverboard in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic: How To Get hoverboard

To get your hands on the hoverboard, you will need to participate in the limited-time event called “PRADA Unlimited”.During this event, you will be able to try the hoverboard for free to test it out in free roam and perform some cool tricks to impress your friends.

Do note that this hoverboard is a paid toy and won’t be available for Year 1 Pass owners. You will be able to purchase it in three different colours for 1500 RC and it comes bundled with 1 Legendary outfit.

Before making a purchase decision, you can test out the hoverboard for yourself by heading over to the Ridge. Interact with the Tricks Academy board and choose the Hoverboard from the list.

Now you will be able to try out the hoverboard in free roam and perform these tricks/stunts when airborne:

  • Judo Grab= RT+L (right) Boost=LB/L1
  • Benihana Grab=RT+L (down)
  • Method Grab=RT+L (left)
  • Tucknee=RT+L (up)
  • Shuvit Right=RT+L (right)
  • Treflip=LT+L (down)
  • Shuvit Left= LT+L (left)
  • Kickflip=LT+L (up)
  • Board Spin Grab= LT+RT+L (right)
  • Air Guitar Grab=LT+RT+L (down)
  • Christ Air Grab=LT+RT+L (left)

You can also press L1 to boost your speed when going up or down the hill and grind rails or ropeway lines on the hoverboard. It can be used on all sorts of terrains so you have can fun with your friends without getting interrupted.

That’s it, now go ahead and purchase the hoverboard to unlock it!