Riders Republic – How To Get Elite Skis

June 14, 2023
Learn how to unlock the Elite Skis in Riders Republic!

If you love snowboarding and performing crazy stunts in the snow then unlocking a ski is a must for you. There are levels of equipment available in Riders Republic based on their performance and rarity with elite ones being the most valuable as they have the highest stats.

This guide will tell you how to unlock elite skis in the game.

Riders Republic – How To Get Elite Skis

In order to unlock elite gear, you will need to complete certain challenges or participate in specific events. Unlike cosmetics and new toys, you cannot purchase them using bucks.

You will need to reach atleast career level 40 to unlock these items with things getting easier to unlock from level 50 and above. This is mainly based on luck with these items getting unlocked as you gain more experience meaning that the experience will vary from one player to another.

These elite items are denoted by golden colour and require patience as they are a bit difficult to unlock. Each discipline has its own elite gear with 4 pairs of elite skis being available for Downhill and 7 pair for Deep Snow.

The easiest way to get your hands on elite gear is by completing Sponsor Contracts. The first contract will be available as soon you get 40 stars with the rest of them. For getting the elite skis, you will need to complete the Salamon contract and reach rank 20 where you will receive the skis as a reward.

That’s it, now go ahead and complete some contracts to unlock the elite skis!

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