Riders Republic: How To Do Wheelies

June 12, 2023
Learn how to perform a wheelie in Riders Republic!

Wheelies can be really fun to perform if you are looking to get a high score or show off your skills to impress your friends. Riders Republic allows players to perform wheelies on almost any bike except Funkies and it’s pretty easy to perform once you get the hang of it.

This guide will tell you how to perform a wheelie in Riders Republic.

How To Do Wheelies

First, you need to make some changes in the Settings in order to perform a wheelie. Head into the gameplay tab and set the Bike Landing Backward option to manual.

Now you will be able to perform wheelies with your controller or keyboard and mouse. Keyboard users can hold the left and right shift keys at the same time to perform a wheelie. Controller players on the other hand need to pull and hold the left analogue stick downwards.

Just press and hold the stick halfway towards the middle and the bottom. You can also tilt it back further and press the right trigger to cycle faster. You can also speed up in the wheelie position

To maintain your balance in the air, make sure not to pull the stick completely towards you otherwise, you will fall down and lose momentum. Both wheelie and stoppies can be performed on any bike you own with the exception of Funkies.

That’s it, now go ahead and perform some cool wheelies to improve your score!

With the BMX update, wheelies now help you score points that count towards your combos. You can perform some cool new tricks to jazz up your score and improve your combo.

By pushing the left stick upwards and holding it in the middle, you can perform a stoppie or a Nose Manual. This will also help you earn some extra points and add to your combo.