Reviver Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Published: 15 Apr 2022
The reviver skill will come in handy!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a ton of legendary weapons, wards, and even skills. All these items can help you in the battle against groups of mobs and bosses. They give out special legendary effects and have great statistics, you can make a perfect combination of all of them and create the most powerful character possible. Having the reviver skill with you will help out when you are in tricky situations. You could say it’s a lifesaver!

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Reviver Legendary Weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Reviver Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to get the Reviver Legendary Weapon

This spell will be located at the Weepwild Dankness area. At the Dank Encroachment you want to go north east, until you reach the end of the marked area on the map.

Once you get to this area, you will find a mini-boss called the “Mushroom Healer”. He will spawn on top of a rock, wait for him to get down, and kill him. Once he is dead you will have a chance to obtain the legendary skill.

Statistics of the Reviver Legendary Weapon

This legendary skill comes with some interesting statistics, such as:

  • Damage: 1696
  • Critical Chance: 7%
  • Cooldown: 26.2
  • This skill has a 22% chance to deal additional 311 lightning damage.

The skill also comes with some cool and unique legendary effects, they are:

  • Enchanted: On Spell Cast, increase Gun Damage by 30% for 10 Seconds
  • +20% Spell Damage
  • -27% Spell Cooldown
  • Highly effective vs Wards.
  • Simple Cast: Fire and forger
  • Heals allies and revives downed allies

How to use the Reviver Legendary Weapon

This interesting skill has a simple damaging cast that will call lightning from the sky. This will deal AOE damage and hit multiple enemies if they are close to one another.

The most important part of this spell is when you are with your team. You can use the spell and cast it towards a downed ally to revive him.

If the ally is not downed, you can still cast the spell at them and heal them. Make sure you are accurate with the spell. You are not able to use the reviving spell on yourself.