Resident Evil 4 Remake – Farm Keys & Treasure Locations

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a classic survival horror game that was originally released in 2005 and is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. The game follows Leon S. Kennedy, a special agent tasked with rescuing the president’s daughter from a mysterious cult in a remote village in Europe. Resident Evil 4 Remake revolutionized the survival horror genre with its over-the-shoulder camera angle, intense action, and engaging storyline.

Continue reading this guide to see where exactly you will be able to find all Farm Keys and Treasure Locations for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Farm Keys & Treasure Locations

Treasure Pearl Pendant

The treasure pearl pendant is located on top of a windmill at the western side of the Farm. Make your way over to the marked area on the map.

Once you make it there, you will see the windmill. Aim up towards the blades and a metal lantern will be seen. Shoot it and the Pendant will drop on the floor, waiting for you to pick it up!

Destroy The Blue Medallions Quest

To find the quest to destroy all blue medallions, you will need to go to the northern part of the farm and on the right side of the wall is where you will find the blue note to begin your quest.

After obtaining the quest, open up your map and you will find all 5 blue medallions scattered across the farm.

Your job here is to go to each blue medallion and shoot it.

All 5 blue medallions are easily spotted as they have a very bright blue color.

Treasure Flagon Location

This Flagon treasure is found on the northeast part of the farm. Look at the image below to see exactly where you need to be located to find a wooden barrel that you need to break in order to get the treasure.

Here you will need to go past the entrance where the blue medallion note was located and follow the path inside. Continue going forward until you discover a ladder.

Climb the ladder and make your way up to the upper level of the building. Once there, you want to look for a wooden door that will lead you into a tight balcony.

Once you’ve made it outside the balcony you will see a small piece of the fence that is broken. You want to drop from that point and continue making your way forward until you see a red chest.

Here you simply want to open the red chest and the Flagon will be discovered.

Wooden Cog Location

The wooden cog is located really close to the Flagon.

From your previous treasure location, you want to continue going forward where you will see a locked wooden door. There will be a chain and the lock will be yellow.

You need to shoot the lock in order to gain access inside the building to find the wooden cog.

Once you are inside, you will find the Wooden Cog on the table. Simply get close to it and pick it up.

Ruby Location

The ruby is located in the same room where the Wooden Cog is. Here you just need to get to the corner of the room where you will see a wooden desk with a drawer in the middle.

Open up the drawer and you will find the ruby there.

Kitchen Knife Location

The kitchen knife is also located in the same room just between the Wooden Cog and the Ruby. You will find it on a shelf.

Old Wayshrine Key Location (Chapter 4)

To get the Old Wayshrine key, you need to be in the lowest level of the Mural Cave. Look at the image below to see exactly where you need to be located in order to be able to find a small red chest that contains the key.

Antique Pipe Treasure Location (Chapter 5)

To be able to get this final treasure, you will need to be in chapter five and have previously obtained the Wayshrine key.

Once you got that sorted out, you want to make your way back to the Farm where you will find a small crystal icon on the map. That is where the key needs to be inserted for you to obtain the antique pipe treasure.