Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Safe Code Guide

August 2, 2023
Learn how to open the Morrow Parish Safe in Remnants 2!

Remnants 2 puts players in the centre of a challenging campaign where they must explore different locations, solve puzzles and fight against god-like creatures. While exploring the Morrow Sanatorium Asylum in Losomn, you will come across a locked safe that needs a password to be unlocked.

This guide will tell you the passcode for the Morrow Parish Safe in the game.

Morrow Parish Safe Code Guide

As you explore different areas of the Morrow Sanatorium, you will discover various items in your surroundings including a locked safe in one of the rooms. In order to unlock this safe, you will need three stone-carved dolls. Once you acquire all three dolls, the safe will be unlocked and you will be able to grab the Double Barrel Shotgun stored inside.

how to open the Morrow Sanatorium safe

The first stone doll can be found in the same room and you will find it lying on the ground somewhere near the bookshelf. To find the second doll, head outside and you will be able to grab the doll lying in a corner behind the wall. You will be able to collect the third-floor key from the guy lying inside the shed on your right

For the third doll, you will need to head over to the third floor which requires the third floor key in your inventory. Here you will find the last doll lying near the chair and the wardrobe in the centre of the room.

Once you have collected all three dolls, head back to the basement and you will come across a locked door. The key for this door can be found near the balcony on the third floor. Talk to the entity inside and choose the first option, “I have something of yours” to present the three stone dolls.

He will start singing a song and you need to pay attention to it to get the code required to open the safe. It will be random numbers that you need to jot down like “Two shiny copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellowed leaves excised from one forgotten tome.”

Note down each number chronologically to get the code for the safe. It is likely to be 2971 in most cases. Press F to unlock the safe and you will find the Double Barrel Handgun waiting for you as a reward.